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Credit to Dr. Mercola’s article: CAPTA: The Child Abuse Law Which Could Destroy Your Reputation published February 05, 2011

Opinion Piece By Donna Westfall – April 1, 2017 – First off, this is not April Fool’s joke.

Until the Bryan and Judy Ranger tragedy, I had no inkling on how CPS/Child Welfare Services worked or how they were funded.  I was under the impression children were taken out of bad, abusive, dysfunctional homes and placed sometimes temporarily into foster homes; I thought it was a service worthy of funding.

I’ve since changed my opinion to the point of wondering if our local CPS/Child Welfare Services should be dismantled?

Many local families have contacted me with horror stories perpetrated against them by CPS and the courts.  Children yanked out of their home then placed in foster homes, or group homes;some then adopted out.  Due to the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act law (CAPTA), the funding has become seamless between payments to foster families and adoptive families and it looks like it incentivizes legal kidnapping.

Formerly I was under the impression that when children were adopted, their adoptive families bore the expense of raising them.  NOT SO!  The TAXPAYERS foot the bill and the adoptive families get that money income tax free and are also allowed to deduct that child(ren) as dependents from their income taxes.

Now that I’m beginning to understand the money aspect of this scam against decent families and the public taxpayers, it’s time to expose it so that something can be done about it before more families are destroyed along with reputations.

7 thoughts on “Has Our Local Child Protective Services Become an Evil Organization Ripping Families Apart for Money?”
  1. Please help me abscond my children from Foster Care . They are going to Adopt my children out for nothing . There was nothing wrong with my children . They did not like the Age difference between my Wife and I .

  2. Every time I see an adopted child I think who are your parents, the womb that carried you. NOT the bio mom that adopted parents like to say. What womb carried you? Did someone steal you from her???

  3. Anyone who would like to tell their story to be compiled in a book to be published please contact me.

    They are evil and I don’t understand why parents aren’t burning down heaven and earth COLLECTIVELY.

    we have fear as people but as spiritual beings we have to trust we can’t fear the enemy of the creator.

    Please I am overwhelmed by these stories BUT we have to teach ourselves to make documentaries, to do portrait photography. I mean there is make up tutorial after make up tutorial shot so well but parents shooting their story aren’t done well. We have to get marketers involved to market the truth as they market the lie that foster care and adoption is such a sacrifice and dream for the parents.

  4. CPS has tormented me all I want to do is kill myself my name is Melissa Newman Clermont county children services took three of my beautiful children away the false report from a bad friend of mine I’m taking permanently custody of my children in August I was lying on my I gave my children chocolate one day there’s a little bitty baby so they got it all over their selves it was reported that it was feces all over my children it was a lie my caseworker Carla pure cerini has tormented me so bad and tortured harassed me they made fun of me trying to say I have mental problems I didn’t but I do now I probably will take my life I can’t stand my children crying for me like this I was 15 minutes late and missed a visit with them when down never get to see them again because I lost my apartment I found out there sex trafficking children it scared me because I was afraid they would do it to mine they are a Black marketing sellers I wanted to see my children grow more time before I take my life they have destroyed me and my children you can possibly live without their precious babies that made me so depressed that I can’t wake up in the mornings evil incarnate their monsters hopefully one day somebody can stop them I can’t find them

  5. I have one comment to parents that are governed over a mistake they may have made in their lives. Just because CPS makes you look bad does not mean you are a bad parent. The majority of cases is that the Departments of Justices thrive on divorce actions and child adoptions so my advice is to work out problems WITHOUT the courts if possible. Also be aware there’s always bad behavior from lazy workers coaching your loved ones against you… it’s not their job so file a harassment report against them. No matter how degrading they treat you, file a report against them when you are not being treated right. Believe me, its a fight when its about our kids. Do not give up!

  6. Wow! How so true a person can be tormented by the non-response to a parent concerned with improper care from a bunch of people in office not responding to a child’s needs medically and stealing children through illegal searches and violations of families rights. I have a whole pile of complaints… they do not even care when you file true reports of irresponsible behaviors from the justice department and the social services tactics of dirtying the homes of law abiding citizens. In our county I have been beat-up by them for several years and decided its time to fight back. I’m a person that has filed with the Federal Children’s Service outside of this county. You can find them in the Sacramento area… and then we filed a lawsuit and plan to follow through and expose county corruption against families that are not doing anything wrong but are being governed by the CPS workers. We have even threatened to file harrassment charges because our food stamps were not turned in on time correctly and our children have been denied treatment and care with immediate needs. The foster care house was a place where dog poop abounds inside their house. Your children being poked by other older foster care children. They also made my children use dirty tooth brushes and did not change my youngest clothing for meetings and then they call us child abusers? They even stoop to harassing your loved ones to say things not true about you because they are intimidated by whats on file by them. The crudey black cloud they use of stating we are not fit to raise are kids… shame on them! I’m with every parent out there that files against them. They are polluting our country with communist behavior that spells out children being abused. I have a court case that proves this and am moving forward to expose them, vote them out of office if they won’t fix this and fire the CPS workers that don’t care about you or your family, and replace them with people that are really concerned about parents losing their children.

  7. I never knew it was a scam either until I came back years later and started listening to these kids who either were raised in the system or are still in the system. If I could sue CPS for the mental issues they have caused both me and my children they swore to protect after deeming me unworthy of being a mother I would do it in a heart beat!

    Watching the things my youngest goes through has killed me for the things his mom and these group homes did to my other son…I would of been put in jail for or lost them… yet when these people abused my children it was allright because my boys were just trouble makers as with all else who report the abuse in these places.

    They also keep these kids drugged up to keep them under control cause most have depression or anger issues because of the shit CPS puts them through while in their care. I have seen reports of overdoses by doctors to children in foster care in my research so yah I feel it’s nothing but a scam too and Del Norte lives off government funding for all the programs from the cops, to CPS and the doctors.

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