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By Investigative Reporter, Linda Sutter – November 29, 2023

5th District has a serious health and safety issue. Encampments that leak into groundwater, wetlands, and tributaries. With a passed budget of $433,000.00 for code enforcement this situation turns into a political circus where no one wants to be held accountable. 

As I drove back behind the Gearsheds off of Elk valley road across from the transfer station, the road was barely wide enough for me to get through. I passed by a recent RV that had burned down with only a slim frame remaining. Piles and piles of garbage, vehicles, campers, etc. I was stopped by a person who lives in one of the campers. He asked me if I could get dumpsters back there so he could clean up the area. I drove past a few men living in uninhabitable quarters. 

In the meantime, the public that lives close by feels the pangs of the thieves, and other crime that transpires in the area. Just last year a murder took place in this area of town, with no arrest.

The county budgeted $433,000.00 for code enforcement to do their job. However, ignorance as usual prevails and nothing gets done. The residents  of Del Norte County pay taxes for services. And as residents we expect our services. What we don’t expect is elected officials to play patty-cake with each other trying to decide who should do what. There is no time for patty-cake. it’s time to put your big pants on and go to work.

  1. “Tell me you live in Crescent City without saying you live in Crescent City.” (See Rosie O’Kelly’s You Tube Shorts about living in The Hood.)

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