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Personal Appeal from Roger Gitlin, Private Citizen – March 16, 2017 –

Greetings, All:
You are looking at iconic Preston Island along the Del Norte County coastline and arguably one of the most beautiful locations along the North American coast. Today, and for some time, it is not so beautiful.

Sadly, some years back, criminal vandals besmirched this magnificent edifice with ugly graffiti. The scrawl has remained in this location for far too long. Take a Bite out of Blight with hands on expertise from Del Norte Search and Rescue (SAR), Sheriff Apperson and the California Coastal Commission is having the blight removed. We sincerely thank our partners and express the need: WE NEED A LITTLE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE.

About $700 to be exact…

SAR needs additional Dynamic rope and Cam holders for those specially-trained volunteers to scale the slippery surface of the steep-agled rock. Also needed is the rather pricey graffiti removal product called Elephant Snot and approved by the Coastal Commission…Modest or more contributions, of any amount with checks payable to DN S.A.R would be graciously accepted. I will come by and pick up your CHECK/donations in ANY AMOUNT. If you live out of area, please mail to my residence. Be sure to mark your donation for the Preston Rock Graffiti removal project.

225 Lighthouse Way
Crescent City, CA. 95531.

Absolutely NO CASH, please.

You have my deeptest appreciation for your contribution. My wife, Angela, and I also plan to donate needed funds to SAR.




One thought on “Help get the graffiti removed from Preston Island”
  1. Graffiti also needs to be removed from several rocks at the northern most set of stairs from Pebble Beach Drive down to the beach. Some idiot has tagged GUCCI LIUE (or something like that) on various rocks, stairs, electrical boxes and such. These people have no respect for anybody or anything.

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