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Remember last November when we the people of California voted down Proposition 31?  60.5% Voted NO!  Well, our Senate didn’t like that; so three Senate bills — SB-1, SB-11, and SB-33 — were written to implement Prop. 31.  These bills are designed to take the property rights away from the citizens of California.  SB-1 is the first to be voted on, scheduled for August 14, 2013(tomorrow!).  Sorry for the late notice…just received this information.

If the government of California passes this bill, you will have no right to own your property.  Yes, you must pay your property taxes; but these bills will allow the government of California to subjectively deem your property blight and take it away from you via eminent domain. SB-1 will allow an unelected “board” to issue bonds without the say of the citizens of California, and you will have to pay higher taxes to pay for these bonds without a vote by the citizens of California.

See the entire bill here.  Please read the bill for yourself!


Tell the members of the Assembly Committee on Governance, who will be hearing this bill, this is not what the California citizens want!
Please email and/or call these Assembly committee members before August 14, 2013.

Here is how one email gets to all the Assembly committee members hearing SB-1 August 14, 2013.

Highlight  the Assembly Committee on Governance chairman’s email and paste to the “To” box in your email program, then hit “cc” and highlight each of the Assembly Committee members’ addresses, paste each address to the “cc” box, be sure there are commas between each address, then press SEND.

Here is a sample email letter courtesy of North Bay Patriots (Thank you for this North Bay Patriots!):


Honorable Katcho Achadjian, Chairman

Assembly Committee on Governance

1020 N Street  Room 157

Sacramento, CA  95814

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