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Portland, Oregons city council has voted to move up the referendum on the fluoride vote from 2014 to March 2013.  This has put CLEAN WATER PORTLAND headed by Kim Kaminski at a disadvantage.  Portland residents have rejected water fluoridation three times in the last 40 years.  Like a cancer, the dental mafia continues to spread their lies about the so called advantages of drinking this poison.

It took several years for the residents/voters of our city to learn about the hazards of HFSA (hydrofluosilicic acid) to the health of everyone from infants to seniors. This is not something that happens overnight.

Not only did no one from our city take health histories of those signed up for water service, but they neglected to provide a listing of side effects or follow-up on the dose. People like me who are allergic to medications containing fluoride really could have used that information.  This is, in my opinion, gross negligence because what doctor in their right mind would dispense a medication without that information?  In addition, the supplier of fluoride refused to provide a toxicological report, listing of contaminants or statements as to proof of it’s safety for all water consumers.

PROBLEMS WITH FLUORIDE RECAP:  Everything from dental fluorosis; the first visible sign of fluoride poisoning and that’s the major reason why the EPA lowered the “safe” level down to .7 parts per million after admitting that 41% of our nations teens had fluorosis.

The Governor of New Hampshire was the first to sign into law warnings to parents to stop giving their infants formula mixed with fluoridated water.  More cities and states are in the process of adding these warnings to their water bills and water quality reports.  Our city council rejected that suggestion just within the last year.

We learned that fluoride passes through the blood brain barrier and lowers IQ up to 10 points and increases mental redartation from Harvards’ July 2012 report.

People who have thyroid problems suffer greater problems from ingesting fluoride as do kidney patients and cancer patients.

One 17 years old boy died in our community in 2011 from osteosarcoma, a rare, fatal bone disease linked to fluoride ingestion.

Girls go through puberty on average 2-3 months earlier in fluoridated areas versus non-fluoridated areas.

Our children had 70% cavity rates, high obesity and low test scores.

Minority groups such as Black Americans and Latinos suffer greater health damage than Caucasians.

Even the pipes and fittings transporting this toxic industrial waste product are corroded by fluoride passing through the pipes.

Portlander Frances Quaempts-Miller, a chief petitioner on the referendum said, “The notion that you do something good for low-income kids by adding more chemicals to our drinking water is an idea that’s 50 years out of date. As a woman and minority of Black and Muskogee Indian descent it’s sad that adding fluoridation chemicals to our water is the best that the City Council and fluoridation backers can come up with to help at-risk kids.”

But, the American Dental Association and other groups have been brainwashing the Portland city council and unfortunately like our council did for 44 years, they’re buying into it.

For the proposed $5 million to get this travesty up and running the city council could have provided Xylitol gum, toothpaste and toothbrushes to every man, woman and child for quite some time without charging people to pay for drinking poison.

Please take a few  minutes out of your day and send an e-mail, a letter or call to any or all of the following:

Mayor Sam Adams 503-823-4120
Nick Fish 503-823-3589
Amanda Fritz 503-823-3008
Randy Leonard 503-823-4682
Dan Saltzman 503-823-4151




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