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By Angry Old American

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Throughout California, Oregon, and Washington State the Homeless have been empowered with extensive legally protected rights. Homeless rights exist independent of any related personal responsibilities required of citizens in their host communities.

Can Rights exist in the absence of Responsibility? This question is so obvious that it should not even be asked; a few decades ago it would never have been questioned. A balance of Rights and Responsibilities form the bedrock of culture and civilization.

The Homeless may seemingly camp anywhere, at anytime, free of charge. Their camps are not inspected for fire hazards. They may defecate and urinate anywhere they please without any concern for public health.  The Homeless, in most jurisdictions, may posses and use illicit drugs and narcotics. They may verbally harass those around them and vandalize property. Should they forge a fraudulent rental contract, they may break and enter any vacant home and squat, while the police protect their “rights” during lengthy civil eviction proceedings.

In California, the Homeless, and every resident, have additional government protected rights. They may steal or vandalize personal and mercantile property valued at less than $950 without fear of serious penalties. They may squat on rural private land and cultivate marijuana; facing no more than a misdemeanor charge and $500 fine. They may jaywalk in front of oncoming traffic with legal right-of-way. They may loiter with the intent to solicit prostitution. Should they commit a misdemeanor or serious felony, they will be released without cash bail no matter how many times they offend. All of these rights are extended regardless of citizenship, or legal resident visa status.

Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens must follow increasingly strict laws. Environmental and Health codes ban indiscriminate disposal of a growing hazardous substance list; not to mention any form of human waste. Blight ordinances and building codes are strictly enforced. Homeowners and Renters face home loss for lack of payment now that eviction moratoriums have been lifted. Even the basic right to home and self-defense is being challenged by the courts. Of course, the right to defense of property has been stripped away entirely.

Has the entire West Coast of the United States been purposely scuttled? State governments are granting rights irrespective of responsibility, while simultaneously stripping rights regardless of demonstrated accountability. It does not take a rocket-scientist to determine the outcome of these policies; Anarchy!

Those who will suffer the most from these “Progressive” laws are the very young, and very old; the weak, disabled and infirm. The rest of us will be either on-our-own, or actually victimized by a legal system originally designed to protect us.

Not that the Homeless are unscathed by these government policies and laws. Seattle recently ran-out of cadaver storage because of fentanyl and xylazine overdose deaths. San Francisco is re-thinking its Illegal Alien Sanctuary status after finding over 50% of fentanyl trafficking arrests were of those seeking sanctuary. Portland recently banned tents and tarps because of the number of homeless camp fires. As big cities walk back their insane policies, the homeless are being forced farther out into the suburbs and rural towns.

Reckless government spending, excessive environmental standards, and subsequent over-taxation, fees and costs of doing business have sent millions of law-abiding citizens packing. Meanwhile, California alone is host to 30% of this Nation’s homeless; up from 25% a couple years ago.

We have three choices.

  • One is to simply do nothing; go with the flow, even if it leads to Hell.
  • Another is to move to a Conservative State like so many others have already done; assuming we can afford to do so at this late date.
  • The final option is to secede our County from the State of California. This is being done in the State of Oregon as over a dozen rural counties are joining the Greater State of Idaho.

Couldn’t we simply vote for Conservative Electors that can change these insane laws? Not a chance! The Democrat Political Machine in California has weaponized mail-in ballots, print-at-home ballots, and ballot harvesting against its citizens. Our electoral system is not founded on principals of Democracy; it is now founded on CHEATING! Expect undocumented aliens and school kids to join other voters. Also expect an elimination of signature verification to further pad the ranks of fraudulent “voters.”

In Del Norte County we have two secessionist options. First is to join with Curry County and Josephine County in Oregon, and Siskiyou County in California for a second attempt to join Greater Idaho. The other option is to seriously organize with a bulk of California’s rural counties to form the State of Jefferson; the oldest active secessionist movement in the United States.

There is one last option that is predicated upon our existing local government. We can have local ordinances that hold the Homeless to the same standards of responsibility of our local residents. Their encampments would need to meet the same health and safety standards, drug and narcotics laws, and blight laws that the rest of us must comply with. Unfortunately, such a local code would require City and County Politicians and Attorneys with enough guts to challenge Sacramento. Is this too much to ask? Perhaps.

In California, we are paying for a legal system that does not serve us. We are paying for failing social programs that do not serve us. We are sacrificing our businesses and jobs because we have been stripped of personal and mercantile property rights. What next? Will they come for our homes next? Will they come for our lives?

We are in the midst of what Chairman Mao of Communist China called a “Cultural Revolution.” Do your own research into the atrocities of the Red Guard and the many deaths during the “Great Famine.”

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