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By Donna Westfall – November 20, 2017 – Our Daily Bread Ministries, located at 1135 Harrold Street in Crescent City is now providing heated, overnight shelter.

The front section of the building has been turned into a sleeping area housing 13 beds. The mattresses are in a moisture proof lining and bedding is cleaned daily.

Reading material, a television and some amenities are also being provided to those needing nighttime shelter.

There is a walled off area for women and children and a monitor that remains on 24/7.

Improvements continue as required to become a rescue mission and they hope to be able to offer 56 beds eventually.

At 10 pm, they shut down and everybody goes to bed. There is breakfast in the morning, everyone leaves for the day then returns for nighttime shelter.

Director, Mike Justice, says they could still use donations of the following:


Food – canned, boxed, fresh

Meats, poultry, fish

Things for their thrift store

Volunteers to stay overnight.


4 thoughts on “Homeless Shelter Opened”
  1. I was wondering…is your shelter open at this time? Are you in need of volunteers? And a bit about myself…I’m thirty-four and I’m leaving a situation in Oregon and looking to try and get some help while helping as well.Let me know please…I have a little income as well ..maybe we can help each other !

  2. I would suggest an update by the end of November 2020. I met homeless folks in the Front Street AREA. I think if there’s a billion dollars in the California budget from 2020 – 2021… 645 million dollars used strictly for government services yet there’s $350 million dollars LEFT. We have no IDEA because there’s no real accountability. I think a BILLION dollars for an annual budget should of seriously upgraded the homelessness programs in California by now! I KNOW just BLAME the Covid19… I HEAR THAT A LOT!

  3. I have a question ??? Does the shelter fill up on a daily basis? Is the baggage that the people that want to spend the night searched for drugs and other paraphernalia like knives or even guns? I think those are important things that Mike Justice should be aware of before letting someone enter the premises!

  4. This is great news and the timing is perfect with winter around the corner. As a neighbor and customer of ODBM’s store, I applaud Mike Justice’s time and efforts for getting this done. As a homeowner in the community, I thank ODBM for providing this service. I will find ways to contribute to the Mission and I support its cause. Bravo!

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