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By Act for America – December 26, 2023

Amidst the beautiful tapestry of our holiday season, chaos erupted last week. America’s borders, the laughing stock of the world, saw an unprecedented and growing surge, forcing the halt of billions in goods traversing the railways from Mexico to the US. Within this flood of illegal aliens from 150+ nations, the capture of 300 suspected terrorists unveils just how dangerous our “wave them in”, non-existing border security has become, beyond the economic and humanitarian crisis that is bringing America to her knees in the name of “good-will” on the backs of tax-paying citizens.

Lawless activist judges kicked a presidential candidate off the Colorado State ballot citing they “felt” he led an insurrection, although he’s never been legally charged or convicted of such a crime, challenging the very essence of our trusted blind justice system. Their despicable act of deciding who can run for President has sparked a cascade effect, as blue states dance on the fringes of constitutional boundaries to join in this election interference scheme threatening to divide our nation further.

And on the world stage, the Biden Administration demanded Israel conclude its war against Hamas by the year’s end.

Amidst the chaos caused by our nation’s weakest President in history, let us not lose sight of the season’s magic. As we gather in the warmth of holiday cheer, there is an opportunity to reflect, to find hope in the face of challenges, and to believe in the possibility of a better, safer, more prosperous future that We the People can create in 2024. The chaos may be a part of our present, but the spirit of the season beckons us to embrace the promise of renewal and a brighter future ahead.

As this year concludes, we celebrate all the incredible victories we have won together, which gives us great hope for what’s to come in 2024!

Our top priority has always been to put We the People back in the driver’s seat!

ACT NOW campaigns have become the most powerful conservative weapon in history because citizens are enabled to directly shape policy and hold government accountable with easy one-click lobby technology in 60 seconds or less! Your engagement has been astonishing!

We believe in American Patriots like you! We’ve seen what you can do when provided with the right tools and information. Act for America’s 2-million-member advocacy army is united and shaking the halls of Congress with one thundering voice and it’s working.

Representatives are now hearing you and moving on your behalf with a record-smashing 155,000,000+ real actions including direct emails, petitions, phone calls, and social media posts to steer our country in the right direction.

With your support, we’ve stopped hundreds of freedom-killing bills and ordinances while helping to pass 210 bills at the federal and state levels!   

We have a lot of important work ahead of us in 2024!

  • National Voter Registration and Vote Drive
  • Resurrect Faith Community Voters
  • Secure US Elections
  • Defend Our Borders and Reverse Illegal Immigration
  • Block Dem’s 30M Amnesty Scheme
  • Defend Israel’s Right of Self-Defense
  • Defund Islamic State Sponsors of Terror
  • Stop Palestinian and High-Risk Immigration
  • Dispel Hate On and Off College Campuses
  • Defend Parental Rights
  • Defend Schools from Future School Shootings
  • Defend US Sovereignty from the WHO Global Reset Agenda
  • Defend Against Vaxx Mandates
  • Defending Our Military and Law Enforcement
  • Defend Against the Chinese Communist Party
  • Defend and Restore Energy Independence

We understand knowledge is powerless until it’s put into action!

We don’t have time to take the scenic route to remedy and counter the Left’s assault on our hometowns and nation. The Left moves fast and stealthily, and when their radical policies surface, they’ve already laid the groundwork to move it past the finishing line quickly.   

Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel is President of Act for America

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