Sun. May 19th, 2024

Commentary by Samuel Strait

Its not what you think it is, it is even crazier.  The recent reveal of
the draft decision of the Supreme Court which will send the choice as to
whether or not abortion is permissible back to each individual state,
has caused the progressive left to leave the realm of the sane.  Some
states, such as it is the announced intent of the California State
government, will simply pass their own version of infanticide, giving
its citizenry, likely the pro “mistake” choice crowd, the option of
continuing the stupidity of poor choices.  No problem for those idiots,
but states that ban abortion in various permutations, might just have to
move or go abortion shopping to erase your bad decisions to conceive an

Recently a nurse of twenty years pediatric experience was trying
valiantly to make the case that many infants, either will not survive
once born or will suffer the consequences of in her words horrific
malformations and disabilities.  It is as if she was trying to justify
abortion by saying most infants born in this Country “will” experience
some sort of issue and, therefore; infanticide is justified.  
Questionable at best, likely far less problematic than the abortion of
thousands of otherwise healthy children.  In any event, now to the

We all now should be well acquainted with the hysteria over
hydroxychloroquine, the “horse” medication, which the “left and the
medical community” held up as medical “witchcraft” of which “only” the
Walmart shopper crowd would believe that it might be beneficial towards
countering the effects of Covid-19.  Of course more than half the
population of the world, which did not have access to the fancy
“vaccines” produced in first world nations, nor could they afford such
extravagance, resorted to the use of hydroxychloroquine found to be
cheap and effective for the most part in countering the worst effects of
the virus.  The “horse” medication, keep that in mind for the next part
of this passage into derangement.

Even before the final decision was to be made on Roe v. Wade, the pro
choice crowd went ballistic over the notion that they may have to make
better future choices when conceiving an infant. Something the “let it
all hang out” crowd never learned while growing up.  The immediate
solutions offered by the pro choice crowd was to protest and vow to
“fight” the decision much like they “fought “social justice” and
“funding the police” over the course of the summer of 2020.   That of
course was merely “peaceful” demonstration, nothing like the “milk
toast” January 6th event in Washington DC.  Horror of horrors.

The pearl of the left’s reaction started spreading through the media of
choice late last night, social media.  Kind of like , “So you’ve taken
my toy away, so I’ll just show you!”  The response to the Supreme
Court’s pending decision, beggars belief, home brew abortion pills…  
Made from the HORSE MEDICATION, Misoprostol, or Miso ordinarily used for
the treatment of ulcers in horses. Following several “how to” videos on
the construction of the abortion tablets, millions of pro choicers and
others tuned into the step by step instructions for how to abort on
demand, successful 85% of the time.  No need to grow up when the
progressive left is right there waiting to lend a hand at remaining as a
sixteen year old for the rest of your natural life.  Party on pro choice
crowd.  Otherwise, total silence from the progressive left as to whether
or not home brew abortion pills made from a HORSE MEDICATION, was an
effective solution to their “problem”.  Where is the MSM, the New York
Times, The Washington Post when you need them?  Where oh where are Joy
Reid, Whoopi Goldberg and that star of star’s Rachel Maddow when it
becomes too much for the pro choice crowd and time on the couch is

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