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In this case, I requested addresses of all current sewer customers.  Keep in mind two things.

1.)  In 2007 I requested the same thing.  First I was told that they could not provide it because it contained people’s names.  I told then City Clerk, Dianne Nickerson that I didn’t need or want names.  I only wanted addresses.  So, she charged me $23 for the list.  The list turned out to be inaccurate.   How did we determine that to be the case?  By double checking against the County’s Assessor Parcel Number List and  by knocking on doors.  People started calling saying they had not been contacted about the Prop 218 protest vote. Granted, they could have thrown the notice away thinking it was junk mail.  Landlords of rentals noticed that many of their rentals were not included on the list.

2.) In a recent council meeting I made a request for a new; current; accurate list and I wanted one at a discount since the last list I purchased was not accurate.  I was told during that meeting to submit a public records request which I did. I also learned that another resident asked former city employee, Linda Jangala, for the list a couple of years ago and she handed him one at no charge. Anyways, here is the City Attorney’s response:

Bob Black's response dated Mar 7, '13

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