Sat. May 25th, 2024


In a 2013 court hearing, I brought proof to Judge Chris A Doehle that the atttorney for the opposing party resorted to making false statements of fact to the court. Judge Doehle not only protected the attorneys and their false statements as freedom of speech, but she also fined me $2500.00 dollars for bringing the issue to the attention of the court. Judge Doehle’s act violated my due process rights as protected by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution by refusing my right to introduce the evidence that would prove the attorneys  statement was meritless and false.

In the late 1800’s, the State of California saw it proper to pass law making it a misdemeanor for a practicing attorney to make false statements of fact to a court of law. Under California Business and Professions Code 6128, any attorney who intends to deceive the court or any party may be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to punishment by up to six months in jail. Nonetheless, Judge Doehle disregards the law that is in place to protect non-attorneys like myself, from attorneys that bring false facts to the court and instead punishes people like myself that call the falsities to the court’s attention.

I believe Judge Doehle received her appointment as Judge for purely political reasons under affirmative actin and not on knowledge or experience, and certainly not on her sense of fairness. She simply doesn’t have the background necessary to make a good Judge, and that fact was proved to me by her straight forward judicial bias. As for the judicial endorsement Judge Doehle boasts of, the endorsement tells me she’s been accepted as one of the good ole boys’. A vote for Doehle is a vote against our constitutional rights, and unfortunately, I now know this first hand.

I have met candidates Darren McElfresh and Dohn Henion and have seen them in action in court. Based on my experiences,  I genuinely believe that neither of these candidates, elected as our next judge, would ever consider violating  my rights the way Judge Doehle has violated my rights.

Please vote for anyone but Judge Doehle.

  1. You ran head first into the GOOD OLD BOYS CLUB in this town. Some of the things that go in in Del Norte with law enforcement, attorneys and Judges is part of that club!

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