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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – September 26, 2021

How long is it going to take for people in this Country to realize that
for the Medical Establishment, the Media, and all levels of government
who spin the Covid Pandemic narrative, it has long since taken on
water?  Early on in this fabricated panic, there existed a number of
cracks in this narrative that were largely overlooked and swept aside. 
The fact that the precautions against the spread were ineffective, the
notion that we were experiencing the virus of the century, and the drum
beat of infections and deaths did not match up to reality.  Still the
Media and the Medical Establishment continued to elaborate on the
narrative, often stumbling over themselves in order to explain why
reality did not match up with the narrative.  The hysteria continued
with, when the vaccines appear we will be saved. Looking back, that
hasn’t happened and things clearly are worse than before.

As was revealed in the “Numbers” pieces found earlier in the CCTimes,
confirmed cases of Covid have doubled in a much shorter time frame than
prevaccines, questions about the efficacy of the vaccines after a few
months, then recent development seem to indicate the vaccines may
facilitate both mutation and spread of the virus, and finally early
indications that serious health risk may be in store for those that have
been vaccinated in the near future.  Not a pleasant forecast to be sure.

The mere fact that epidemics in general are only viable for five to six
weeks, vaccines take 12 to 15 years to be assured of their safety, and
the public has been led to believe the current ones are able to prevent
infection, should be enough for most thinking people to question the
insistence that everyone be vaccinated. The fact that the RT-PCR test,
you know, the “gold standard” of testing is to be removed from use by
December of 2021.  The fact that all three vaccines that are currently
being administered have experienced hicups in their development and
current history.  The fact that there is considerable uncertainty about
how long the vaccines afford protection.  The clear evidence that
vaccinated individuals are just as likely to become infected as
unvaccinated.  And the notion that any currently being administered
vaccine has under gone the entire formal testing and development protocol.

Since the emergence of the Delta Variant, the exposure of the Medical
Establishment to the concept that a great deal of malpractice and
misrepresentation is theirs to embrace.  Clear evidence in poorer
countries around the world have shown that alternate therapeutics are
available and successful in the treatment of the virus.  Front line
health care professionals have come out in large numbers to protest
against the use of the current vaccines.  False narratives by hospitals
and Public Health about hospitalizations and deaths for Covid patients
have been revealed.  The growing mistrust of the Medical Establishment
in general to be honest about what is going on are but a few of the
complications with the Covid narrative.

This problem has become particularly explosive as children are greeted
with all sorts of convoluted Covid practices as they return to schools
that are already under fire over abysmal performance in educating our
youth.  The very notion that those that have been the least affected by
the Covid virus should be encumbered with almost prison like behavior
out of our educational professionals.  Such a shame.  Parents, with
young children being asked to navigate the treacherous dictates of
Public Education gone wild with the notion that they have the “magic” to
successfully create a learning environment amongst efforts to create
fear over an untameable virus.

Hospitals that admit you for one medical issue only to change that
designation to a Covid patient when the test for admittance reveals a
positive.  No telling whether it is a false positive as so many tests
have been revealed as such.  Makes a great report out of Public Health
for numbers inspite of the fact that the patient is not in the hospital
to be treated for Covid.  Fifty percent, per the CDC, of patients that
are identified as “Covid patients”, are not being treated for Covid. 
Only 6% of patients labeled as Covid deaths have died without one or
more serious health issues.

When you consider that the “reported” numbers of Covid positive have
exploded to triple the number in the past nine months following the
start of vaccination and the revelation of at least four new variants
that have appeared in the last six months, it might just be time for the
Medical Establishment to revisit the “narrative”.  Just in the past two
months, more and more doctors who actually treat Covid patients directly
are coming out to challenge the narrative, suggesting that the vaccines
may be an even bigger problem than as a therapeutic.  Those that are
vaccinated are not immune to becoming infected by the virus.  It has
been suggested, numbers to be forth coming, that vaccinated who are
asymptomatic or only mildly affected are “super spreaders” which can
infect many people they come in contact with over the period that they
can communicate the virus to others.  Often unknowingly as they believe
mistakenly that they cannot become infected, or transmit the virus onward.

It remains to be seen whether or not recent developments that are
suggesting problems of a very serious nature are in store for the
vaccinated.  The lack of long term studies have given rise to all sorts
of horrific scenarios in the future of those same trusting individuals. 
Current examples of what could happen are for now being reported as
small infrequent events, nothing to worry about here folks.  Others, on
the front lines are saying otherwise. Time will tell.

3 thoughts on “How Long Is It Going To Take?”
  1. The problem will sort itself out soon. If you took the vaccine, you are going to die:

    You have anywhere from 6 months to five years before succumbing to organ failure. We will begin seeing this trend across the country and the planet. We will be told this massive die-off in the population is due to another covid-like disease.

    If you are vaccinated and don’t think this projection is accurate, take it upon yourself to get a D-dimer test. It will show whether or not your blood is clotting at the microscopic level. You will have to get the D-dimer test within a week of your vaccination for best detection results.

    1. Though I do not want this to be the case, I fear Dr. Shawn Brooks may be correct.

      Someone in Italy just spilled the beans:

      Clearly they see a population shift coming. This is also clearly in line with the United Nation’s global population strategy known as Agenda 2030.

      If you are still skeptical, or you consider this to be conspiracy theory, please research Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum and read his book “The Great Reset”.

      While you are at it, do your due diligence and research “Event 201”.

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