Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

BY Donna Westfall, Editor

The article published on November 29, 2015 regarding Fred Hansen’s experience with Kevin Hartwick has been removed from our website pending further investigation.

Our apology to former District Attorney, Mike Riese, for what appeared to be inaccuracies or incomplete information in the article.  We have retracted the story.































2 thoughts on “How my best man became my mortal enemy”
  1. You are a dirtbag lawyer that should be in jail for the Sh@t you pulled. Unfortunately the good ol boys club gives dirtbags, drug addicts and pedophiles a pass in this county.

  2. what a crock of Sh#$, you call this investigative reporting? never speaking to the people you name in print and allege sexual improprieties, nor mention how Hansen would even know about unless he too was involved, yuck! . Hansen was a thief and was properly convicted and should have received double the sentence he received. Next you will print the Pope was at these late night parties . Had you asked, had you investigated, you would learned that I have never been in mr. hartwick’s house let alone stay late for one of his parties, of which I attended but one with my wife and two very young daughters. I hope the others mentioned in this ” story” exercise their legal remedies as I plan on doing. Great “investigative” reporting.! Retract this immediately , print and apology immediately or expect to see yourself in court.

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