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By Kevin Kiley – September 27, 2021

hat Gavin Newsom cheated in the Recall is not in dispute. He did so openly and his allies admitted it. I said so directly in a June 28 speech on the Assembly Floor.

Newsom changed the laws for his own Recall right before the vote. He moved the election date in the manner of a banana republic. He instituted all-mail ballots. He bombarded us with ads even the mainstream media called lies. His Secretary of State illegally tried to exclude candidates. 

He also sent $600 checks from the government to voters, then asked them to return the money to his campaign. He used unlimited campaign contributions to call in $70 million from Special Interests.

The good news: all of this will be harder in 2022. And while the Recall vote was for a one-year truncated term, next year’s Governor election is for a full four-year term.

If voters are given a clear sense of just how corrupt our Capitol is, it can be a wave election. For instance, PG&E has just been charged with 11 more felonies – after giving Newsom $700,000 and receiving special treatment in return.

Our state needs leaders of integrity who will reject this culture of corruption. Because I still believe California is worth fighting for.

One thought on “How Newsom Cheated”
  1. We desperately need a forensic audit in California ASAP. The entire State, every County needs to be audited for both ballot and voting machine tampering. If this is not done, we might as well suspend voting and become a perpetual dictatorship.

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