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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – January 5, 2022

When the Omicron Variant of Covid-19 burst on the scene, Media hysteria
and politicians salivating over new found life to absolute power.  Crank
up the mandates, before you really know anything about the new variant. 
Masking, social distancing and refrain from leaving your house.  By all
means get vaccinated and booster up, and now a fourth round of boosters,
just to be sure. Of course in the few months since the emergence of the
Omicron version of Covid-19, it turns out that it is less troublesome
than the common flu.  But let not the Mass Formation Psychosis (MFP) crowd get their panties in a
bunch, as renewed panic porn has spewed from all the usual suspects. 
Looks like no matter how many times they are discredited, or caught in
their own lies, the pandemic keeps rolling along.

The largest problem with the latest version of the pandemic narrative is
that the Omicron version did not live up to all the hype.  What so ever
are the purveyors of the Covid is the end of man kind ever going to do?
What ever are the hair on fire MFTers going to do?  And finally what
are those in the media, the medical establishment, and the bureaucrats
to do.  Never fear, Dr. Fauci has another fantasy to peddle.  Followed
quickly by the Israelis, and the French.  New and life threatening
versions of Covid-19 to keep the MFPers happy.

Prince Fauci’s latest contribution to the fear porn over Covid-19 is
something called Covid-Long.  He seems to be peddling the long game when
it comes to those infected by the virus, by claiming they may never
totally recover from their adventure while being sick with the virus. 
Listen up “the unvaccintated” as you are most likely to suffer from
Prince Fauci’s gaze into the crystal ball of Covid’s future for you. 
The “prince” has a long list of symptoms most of which can be found on
the CDC’s website for Covid ,   It seems according to Fauci’s crystal
ball, these afflictions could last a life time.  How he knows this
without any scientific proof or even studies remains a mystery to all
but the psychotic, more panic porn for all the television interviews he
seems to be so fond of.

The Israelis, are also ready to pick up the slack for the Omicron
version’s failure to launch.  Their version is the coining of a “new”
medical term called flurona, kind of rolls off the tongue. It claims to
be the infection of a single individual with both Covid and Influenza. 
It seems that a pregnant woman, naturally unvaccinated, tested positive
for both viruses.  One wonders if they used the RT-PCR test.  This
report is followed by the expected advisories, that this could very well
be a “thing”. even in the United States.  Got to ramp up the fear factor
for the true believers.  The report goes on to talk about the 2020 year
of non existent flu and the fact that it appears to have resurfaced in
the fall of 2021.   Vaccines to the rescue?

The next piece of the bolster the Covid narrative came in the form of a
“new” variant based on the discovery of twelve new positive cases in a
French village of Covid-19 with a different structure.  This “new”
variant tagged along with a traveler recently returned from the
Cameroons, a small country in West Central Africa.   The sample is
relatively small, and there seems to be some hesitation in
characterizing it at this point.  No word on transmissionability, or how
deadly it is.    Never the less it will give all those disappointed by
Omicron new life to peddle more hysteria.

The reaction from all this “good news” for the narrative will be the
same as before.  Not that anything is working, but masks for ever,
vaccinations six times a year, until every one joins the ranks of the
fearful MFP

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