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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – January 14, 2021

 I haven’t watched much Television lately because it seems every other
sentence contains the phrase “We are keeping you safe”.  It is almost as
if the word “safe” is synonymous with allowing a person to live for
ever.  Of course, at least I hope it is so, that we haven’t gotten so
comfortable with the word “safe” that some how that constitutes an
everlasting life.

Naturally, no one thinks that they will live forever except maybe in the
worlds of fantasy or science fiction, and does all they can to prolong
their life.  Caution is one thing, but to live life in a cocoon of
“safety”, is it really living life?  I suppose that is for each person
living to make the choices in life to figure that one out.  It should be
that the individual and not the world we currently live makes, that
choice.  I think right now there is plenty of evidence out there that
suggests that this blanket of “safety” has become a bit restrictive and
limiting for those of us that have a different interpretation of what is
considered safe. It has become so stifling and over bearing that it has
become synonymous with imprisonment.

We now have ordinary citizens cloaked in the word “safe” playing in
their proverbial sandbox exercising pseudo and sanctimonious preachings about what “safe” should mean to everyone.  This without doubt begs the question “Who are they or anyone else allowed to define “safe” for the world.  It should now have become evident, for anyone with a brain, that the world has not become any less safe than it was a year ago.  People are going to become sick with Covid-19 no matter how “safe” you try to be.   It wasn’t any different when the Common Flu was infecting a broad segment of the population every year, except this year naturally. 
Vaccines were never totally effective, and only those people whose
definition of “safe” might have worn masks and social distanced in the
past.  If you happened to be ill, you self quarantined.  I think by now
we as a nation are well beyond the idea that Covid-19 is a death
sentence.  Maybe it just might be time to allow those that have a
different interpretation of “safe” get back to living.  Throw open the
doors to this artificial prison and begin to live life as it was meant
to be lived.

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