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By Donna Westfall – June 21, 2019 – Celebrating the official beginning of SUMMER!  Today is the longest day light of the year. Just think.  If we had an earthquake or Tsunami, what would happen to this area?

In 1964, the last big Tsunami turned downtown Crescent City into the biggest disaster zone ever.

If that were to happen today, numerous responders would be Jonny-on-the-spot.  The Office of Emergency Services would immediately set things in motion.  Under the direction of Kymmie Scott (former Administrative Assistant to Crescent City, City Manager), she would coordinate with numerous agencies.

The Fire Department would be alerted, Ham radio operators, Medical services, monitoring road condition, coordinating animal rescue services, American Red Cross and utilities just to name a few.

Then the calls start coming in from around the state, out of state and around the world to check on loved ones.  Typically, they’ll receive a recorded message, “All circuits are busy.”

That’s when the Del Norte Amateur Radio Club comes into play, also known as Ham Radio Operators.

No one thinks that phones and cell phones would ever stop working, but realize that cell towers can go down.  And your life, and the lives of your family, friends and neighbors may just depend on those volunteers who operate radios.

The Del Norte Amateur Radio Club will be holding it’s annual ARRL (Amatur Radio Relay Legue) FIELD DAY ON Saturday June 22nd at Beach Front Park !

This is an exercise for Ham Radio Operators to simulate emergency conditions and reach out to make as many contacts as possible. The Public is invited and encouraged to stop by and learn about the wonderful world of Amateur Radio – Bring the Kids !!

Be sure to visity their website for more information.

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  1. I’m about to take my Amateur radio test. I implore others to consider doing the same and keeping a mobile radio in their vehicle. It is absolutely a great thing to have available. No internet required.

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