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By Donna Westfall – January 9, 2021

After watching a few videos of Maria Zack, Robert David Steele, Simon Parkes and Dr. Charlie Ward, it’s beginning to look like a pretty good set-up. Particularly when just days after the Joint Congress voted to certify the electoral vote for Biden/Harris, we are already experiencing our freedoms going one by one. Free speech – just look at social media that have banned our President; Facebook and Twitter. Free speech is on it’s way out.


Did Obama transfer $400 mil (of taxpayers money before he left office) to Italy in preparation for November 3, 2020 election?

Take a look at the attached Affidavit from Italian attorney Prof. Urso dated January 6, 2021. What do you think?

Then check out video of Maria Zack, founder of Nations In Action on YouTube recorded January 7th in a 30+ minute interview with Debbie Georgatos of Did Maria Zack really give proof to Congressmen on January 6th with these details and more? Did they ignore her?

Was Employee Arturo Delia of Leonardo S.p.A. (Italian cyber security company – 11th largest defense contractor in the world) deposed and did he admit to uploading the software to change the November 3, 2020 election by flipping votes from Trump to Biden?

9 thoughts on “How true is it that Italians flipped votes from Trump to Biden?”
  1. Same US coup officials involved in spygate Obamagate or Russia hoax. Ric Grenell declassifies documents. The impeachment of DJT Was orchestrated by Obama Biden HRC and other CIA FBI Deep state cabal. NOTHING has been done !!! Where is Durham ? Our Gov. Is corrupt. Its about $$$ and power for them only.

  2. Why can’t someone with some contact get a major news entity like Newsmax one America just the news somebody to interview her, Maria Zack that is? It all seems insane. And if it’s true that no major entity will take this seriously then it lines up with all the other madness that’s going on censorship impeachment… Where is law Enforcement?

  3. This is all true and there is a MOUNTAIN of proof of even more…here’s a good starting place. I tried to get all this to politicians before the 6t but I believe MANY are compromised at best… Worse still, I presented EVIDENCE of agent provocateur to Congress and the Senate AND the FBI on the 7th of November, with proof of prior arrest records, videos of some involved giving speeches to Antifa and BLM etc and it has been removed by FB, IG and Twitter. Its a bad bad situation to say the least.

  4. There has to be much more data and supporting evidence to verify this. Is there newspaper articles, arrest warrants, video/audio or photo evidence?

    1. I suspect there is not much anybody can do to help you. Try to pay attention to what has happened over the past couple of months.

    2. There is a site with time-line of CIA arriving from Frankfurt center, pictures of em at the airport, visitors logs at Embassy, Aerospace Svd., Other offices, rental receipts, airline records, calls, texts, records of meetings with new EU Military Commander from Italy. There’s affidavits from two or three firsthand witnesses. Things went sideways after the switch, although Tech in jail says he stored data logs somewhere with the software program. But if this did happen, that guy is gone forever. Only hope is if Leonardo Satellite transmissioned software codes to CIA server farm that manipulatd voter tabular systems with an internet connection. Then surely the NSA will have recorded data flows. They capture everything everywhere. Hopefully the DNC didn’t delete the data logs, or turn off the spy machine on election day….

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