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Commentary and Opinion By Donna Westfall – February 22, 2024

Get this. Remington, the oldest gun manufacturer in the US is moving out of New York (a Blue State) and moving to Georgia (a Red State).

Why? After 208 years the company has had enough. Enough of what?  Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) said that it’s because of the New York Democrats and their unconstitutional gun grab. Plus, after the Sandy Hook shooting where 20 first graders and six teachers were murdered, the company paid out $73 million to settle the suit.

The saddest part is the families that have lived and worked there for generations in the blue collar village, Illion located in the Mohawk Valley. The move to Georgia is to take place this March.

Now I hope some Californian politicians take note of this next part. The Democrats have a stranglehold on New York’s legal and political system. More companies are sure to follow after Remington. Much like all the companies that have already left California. Let’s turn our attention now to the New York Attorney General Letitia “Peekaboo” James.

Attorney General, Letitia James

Having the Judge rule in her favor, Trump is faced with over $350 million fine with interest the amount exceeds $450 million and James has threatened to seize his buildings if he can’t or won’t pay.

What to do? Some truckers have weighed in on this and refused to deliver shipments to New York City. Humm, wonder how long that will last before it gets the attention of anyone? Well, it seems that even if just 10% of the truckers take part in this embargo, prices will skyrocket everything from milk to eggs and a lot more. Apparently someone posted a video on the internet and it got seven million views before being taken down.

More truckers are joining in and claiming that the suit/judgment against Trump is “election interference”. They are calling for people to contact the State Bar and complain against the corrupt legal system, Judges and attorneys.

These legal geniuses want Trump out of New York. What? They would rather have half a million undocumented immigrants? Are they nuts?

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