Thu. May 23rd, 2024


Here’s one report card helping Californians gauge performance on tax related issues both positive and negative.

Positive proposals include bills strengthening transparency provisions for the reporting of local property parcel taxes; negative bills include tax increases and direct attacks on Prop 13.

During 2014, HJTA changed their scoring system to include a two-year average.

Only five legislators received a perfect 100% average over the last two years:

Assembly Members: 

Brian Dahle, Republican, 1st District

Tim Donnelly, Republican, 33rd District (Note:  Donnelly said recently he was going to start an investigation into corruption concerning Child Protective Services.)

Beth Gaines, Republican, 6th District

State Senators:

Joel Anderson, Republican, 36th Distict

Mark Wyland, Republican, 38th District

Wes Chesbro, Democrat, 2nd District, received an F and 15.6% two year average.




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