Here’s one report card helping Californians gauge performance on tax related issues both positive and negative.

Positive proposals include bills strengthening transparency provisions for the reporting of local property parcel taxes; negative bills include tax increases and direct attacks on Prop 13.

During 2014, HJTA changed their scoring system to include a two-year average.

Only five legislators received a perfect 100% average over the last two years:

Assembly Members: 

Brian Dahle, Republican, 1st District

Tim Donnelly, Republican, 33rd District (Note:  Donnelly said recently he was going to start an investigation into corruption concerning Child Protective Services.)

Beth Gaines, Republican, 6th District

State Senators:

Joel Anderson, Republican, 36th Distict

Mark Wyland, Republican, 38th District

Wes Chesbro, Democrat, 2nd District, received an F and 15.6% two year average.




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