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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – September 14, 2021

It seems many in this County remain huddled in fear of the Covid
nightmare.  Lashing out at those that refuse to be cowered by the virus,
and to vaccinate.  Paralyzed by reports from the legacy media of
impending doom.  Rendered frozen, immobile to the imagined end of human
existence on the planet without everyone strapped to the illogic of the
Medical Establishment narrative. Nightmare scenarios of the few that
survived the end of human civilization authored by bureaucrats at every
level.  Horrors, how can the unvaccinated be allowed to exist?

Recently there have been comments authored by the fearful appearing in
the pages of the Crescent City Times wailing about the irrational
behavior of those that CHOOSE not to be vaccinated.  Going so far as
accusing them of crimes against the community, claiming they should have
no control over their personal health.  This has been repeated
nationwide inspite of the fact that people world wide have been granted
the privilege of deciding the fate of their health without reservation. 
The community need not apply!

Viruses have been with us for at least 8,000 years since the first visit
in, you guessed it, China.  Vaccines a bit over 200 years.  The “medical
establishment” has made it as though Vaccines are the “magic bullet” for
dealing with viruses of any kind with few if any issues with their use. 
Mass vaccination never really took hold as a preventative until the mid
1960’s.  From its inception a vaccine was never meant to be a cure,
preventative, or the avoidance of mortality.  Recently the CDC revised
their description of vaccines to ” a possible preventative of serious
health outcomes due to virus infection”.  Most folks have been deceived
into thinking it will allow you to avoid infection of a virus
circulating in a community, or cure the virus should you become
infected.  Whether you are vaccinated or not you can be infected by a virus.

Those that have chosen not to be vaccinated have become aware of the
minimal risk of dying should they become infected, about one half of a
percent.  That is measured against the risk of dying from the vaccine
itself or re infection by Covid, 1.3 million worldwide and climbing. 
The current vaccines have a very limited useful life span, four to six
months, maybe much less.  There is a strong possibility they, the
vaccines, have caused the early and more virulent form of Covid, the
Delta Variant to emerge.  Beyond that there are other ways of combating
Covid infection without resorting to a vaccine that has neither been
properly vetted over the short term, let alone over a lengthy period of

Granted there are no easy solutions for dealing with this scourge.  The
irrational fear that someone not vaccinated is of any more danger to
those that are vaccinated is the stuff of fantasy.  If people wish to
remain unvaccinated it should be their choice, not those that think they
have protected themselves with a vaccine.  YOU SHOULD HAVE NOTHING TO
FEAR!  It is not your business to dictate how someone should address
their personal health.  If you have become vaccinated you have exercised
your personal choice, why can’t they exercise the same choice?

People cannot sit in their virtue signaling, pandering, and vaccinated
bubbles and say the unvaccinated are a danger to the community unless
the vaccinations are not as safe and effective as we have been led to
believe.  There are cheap, effective, and safe therapys that are proven
to work in many third world nations where vaccines currently being used
in the US and Europe are not accessible.  These methods have been proven
to have a greater efficacy over a longer period of time.  Natural
immunity from having Covid and returned to health has also been ignored
by the Medical Establishment in the US.

The idea that citizens of the United States of America should not be
given a choice should be the idea that is reviled in this Country, not
the other way around.  Children who for no fault of their own should not
be subjected to the lunacy of “adults” who are “supposedly” educators
who cannot distinguish between risk and safety.  They have the
responsibility for their own health and should take what ever
precautions they deem necessary.  Each parent should also be responsible
for the health concerns of their child, not the school district.  It
should have become clearly obvious some time ago that the “emergency” is
over and it is time to make the best of what we have going forward.

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