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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – March 9, 2022

The steady suicide march into the jaws of the hyperinflation dragon continues in Crescent City.Another price increase brings the cost of diesel fuel to a staggering $6.75 per and all other grades from almost $6 a gallon up in Del Norte County. Local governmen will not or cannot help you.

Our giggling-Gertie Vice President Kamala Harris kind of let the cat out of the bag by promoting all-electric bus fleets. I’m fairly certain Harris was NOT referring to Del Norte County and the rest of rural America in her idiotic comments. Biden has warned us all,” WE are all going to suffer during this,” TEMPORARY” inflation period.”

The President uttered two more mistakes to the hundreds of his other missteps: he chose the wrong pronoun; he should have used the pronoun: YOU ( will suffer)…And his second mistake was calling the inflation dilemma ” TEMPORARY.

Inflation is not going anywhere but up and the President continues to surrender to the climate fanatic snobs whose goal it is to destroy petroleum…Allow me to share with you my recent experience with my accountant. He’s a pretty astute chap and when I complained all my traditional deductions property tax write-offs weren’t going to help me this year. My accountant told me I needed $28,000 in deductions to qualify to itemize. Needless to say in my 75th year of life, I came up a bit short of that number.

What to do? My CPA told me to consider purchasing a new electric car: a Volt or Bolt; a Prius…

Yuck!” …

If you purchase an electric vehicle, the IRS will give you a $7,500 instant deduction on your return.

Without recognizing the good and not so good points ( and there are plenty of flaws) of an electric car, I do recognize the following:

Biden/Harris are Hell-bent on creating a 50% share of all new vehicles sales including electric cars by 2030. My precious Golden State has declared war on fossil fuels and restrictions will increase which means even higher prices at the pump.

Biden/Harris will continue its war on petroleum and the Middle Class You can expect zero help from this Democrat Administration.

Fuel prices will continue to rise until $10 a gallon ( or more) prices are reached.

Food prices will soar, accordingly.

I recently took a survey at Wal-Mart, arguably the more modestly-priced retailers in Del Norte County. Prices have spiked significantly to offset the spike in diesel fuel. Safeway prices are even worse.

Here’s what we all need to do in these trying times. Buy only what you need. Do not stock up thinking you can somehow outlast the impending hyperinflation.

The giggling- Gertie VP and her inarticulate boss have zero measure for you or your problems

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