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Opinion Piece By Donna Westfall – October 24, 2021

To my 88 year old Senator Dianne Feinstein via Facebook about Newsom today’s date:

California is going down the tubes. Please, before you leave office, work towards getting that idiot Newsom out. From failed public education, to the “hi speed rail” another billion over budget, to homeless vets, to mandates for mask/vax which make no sense any longer, to his State of Emergency, droughts with no proper steps taken to see that the water doesn’t just go into the ocean…… on and on and on. Be a mensch. Do the right thing and forget for a while you’re a Dem. Put our state and your constituents first before party politics. Turn this train wreck around!

To my 88 year old Senator – Put up on Facebook about articles of impeachment for treason against Biden today’s date:

After seeing the disaster Biden is responsible for in Afghanistan including leaving our military armaments, there is no way I can think this was not done on purpose and as such Biden should be brought up on treason charges for giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  But let’s say for the sake of argument that it wasn’t done on purpose.  Why would ANYONE in our country want an incompetent like Biden to continue to “run” this country?

Biden must not know much about history.  All he has to do is look at Venezuela.  Is that his role model?  Does he really want to see Socialism and Communism in our Country? He has devastated this country from the first day in office. We are on the brink of disaster and we cannot afford to have him in office any longer.  AS ONE OF MY ELECTED REPS, PLEASE DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO GET THIS IDIOT OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!  Stop playing party politics and do your job to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  You remember those, don’t  you?

Another post on Facebook from other constituents:

  • You are the poster child for term limits. Please stop it. You have lost touch with your voters.

From Feinstein’s post on Facebook dated September 21st.

“A woman’s right to choose to have an abortion has been settled law for nearly 50 years. The Supreme Court upheld that right repeatedly until it allowed a recent Texas abortion ban to stand. The court is now set to rule on a similar Mississippi law.

The Mississippi law, like the Texas ban, is a blatant attempt by a Republican legislature to undermine the constitutional right to abortion care. I joined my colleagues in filing an amicus brief in this case urging the court to follow precedent and protect women’s right to choose.”

A few comments by her constituents about this subject and the vax and more:

  • Slavery was legal too at one time, Dianne. Not a good argument for why a bad law should stand.
  • But an individual’s right to decide for themselves what vaccines are & are not acceptable for their own health is somehow thrown out at your discretion.
  • Why does (my body my choice) only matter when you’re killing baby’s and not for the mandatory vaccine ?
  • Yep, and the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, right to assemble, and the right against unreasonable search and seizure have all been settled law for nearly the entire history of this country, and yet you only seem concerned about the law that allows one person to kill another for any reason they choose??? When you start fighting for the rights of all individuals then maybe your opinion should be considered.
  • Why do you people say a woman has a right to choose and then mandate vaccines. I am already vaccine injured for the rest of my life and you want to force me to take another one? Please check how many FDA/CDC approved products have damaged human beings. Vioxx alone is responsible for over 55,000 deaths. Also why are you allowing the corrupt/immoral Dr. Fauci maintain his position and not investigating him. His support of gain of function research should be treated as a crime against humanity and he should be on trial for that. Fauci started this pandemic. He fired the gun and now wants to take back the bullet. I support Rand Paul with regard to his efforts and congress and the senate should support him too. Mandated vaccines are not “choice” and are unconstitutional. Your President and his administration are completely incompetent. Need a special election to save this country. I am willing to debate you and any other public official regarding what is happening to our country.

Feinstein has this on her FB page, “As California’s senior Senator, Dianne Feinstein has built a reputation as an independent voice, working with both Democrats and Republicans to find common-sense solutions to the problems facing California and the Nation.”

An independent voice? I think not. I really should ask her for a list of common-sense solutions to problems she has come up with in the last 5 years. I maintain her reputation is soiled.

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