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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – January 11, 2022

Most people who are awake in the world think that the greatest attribute
found in public office holders is the ability to spend the most money
for the least gain in benefit for those they represent.  Governor Hair
Gel is the epitome of that very thought process.  Hair Gel, in his
infinite wisdom has rolled out a “new” offering sent to the California
State Assembly for their Democratic rubber stamp.   Coming in at a mere
$2.7 billion, money the State doesn’t really have to spend, is his well
thought out “Emergency Response Package”.  The meat of the “package” is
more testing, more vaccine support and money to hospitals in
anticipation of “new” surges that require hospitalization. Clearly, the
governor doesn’t read the latest news which quite clearly is saying none
of that will be any more successful than this same old effort of the
Biden Administration which came to naught.

As Democratic governors and the current Democratic Federal
Administration keep regurgitating therapeutics that suddenly have become
clear to most everyone as not having worked, California’s governor wakes
up to triple down on this two year pablum of idiocy, but hey, he gets to
spend $2.7 billion more tax dollars to accomplish nothing.  Sounds like
normal government at work doesn’t it?  Not to be too hard on the empty
suit, but maybe the news cycle hasn’t reached his desk yet and he isn’t
aware that hospitals are hardly likely to be over run with new Covid
patients.  Similarly it hasn’t peculated into his brain that vaccination
is no protection against Covid and isn’t preventing infection among
them.  Rather the new variant seems to target those that are
vaccinated.  More testing?  For a strain of Covid that has not produced
much more than a few deaths world wide?  And finally partnerships to
fight misinformation about the narrative which has been blown out of
the water over the past couple of weeks.  Just exactly who now is
peddling misinformation?  Seems like it is our very own misfit,
Governor Hair Gel.

Gov. Gavin Newsom

Recent announcements from the head of the CDC, Rochelle Walensky, have
finally admitted that the 820,000 deaths from Covid might just be a bit
of a stretch.  Of course it couldn’t have anything to do with the fact
that the “death” numbers under Biden have now exceeded those under
Trump.  She announced that 75% of those “claimed” to have died from
Covid may have had up to four comorbiditys”.  Likely a new total in the
offing?  These morbidity’s were much more likely to be the cause of
death for most of those people.  Most of us probably do not remember the
CDC’s announcement in October of 2020 when the figure 94% of Covid
deaths had at least one other morbidity, bringing the death toll for the
entire two years to under 50,000.  As has been said before, a typical
virus season, nothing to get all psychotic about.  Yet, Governor Hair
Gel proposes to spend nearly $3 billion on measures that have produced
nothing for the people of this state.

At the local level here in Del Norte County, we find ourselves
encountering the same kind of retrograde philosophy, over one hundred
mild cases, two hospitalizations of the mild version and no deaths, yet
our local hysteriac in charge, Lord Stutz is instituting more masking
and vaxxing, “zoom” meetings for our anointed, and fear mongering over
non existent over burdened hospitals.  State masking mandate extended
until February 15th, but little surprise there.  No real emergency, but
local health and state officials are pretending there is one just to
extend their power.  How long are people going to remain in this
pointless “lockdown” in California before we realize that many other
states have had enough and are moving back to normalcy in the face of
this new Covid variant.  Will we continue to cower in fear when the next
couple of variants come calling?  France and Cyprus are furnishing the
next two boogie monsters under the bed for those subject to MFP.  So

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