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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – January 10, 2022

Recently, our local Lord of Public Health attempted to explain his
guidance to the local population on his view of the situation about
Covid-19.  A lengthy Statistical word salad ensued.  No Science, no
apparent investigation to learn what is actually happening in the
County.  Statistical computation of what might happen in the future
based on dubious “facts” not of his own generation, but from sources he
has no way of determining their accuracy.  He states that we must
proceed in the fashion that he has ordained by virtue of “everything he
calculates” is what will happen.  It is never a good idea to take as we
have seen in the medical establishment that it is infallible.  Medical
science is not an exact science and any “doctor” who claims to be so is
not a doctor anyone should heed.

Dr. Stutz

Our local Lord, Doctor Stutz is of this sort.  He claims to be able to
determine Covid-19 positives based on what is reported to him.  He seems
unaware of the fact that the RT-PCR test that he claims to be the “gold
standard” of testing has come under fire as being unreliable.  This does
not appear to trouble Lord Stutz enough to educate himself as to the
possibility that the data he receives about testing should be taken with
a grain of salt.  The Omicron Variant of the virus as well as the
earlier strains had enormous numbers of asymptomatic positives that were
never rechecked, nor were those infected treated for the virus.  That
alone should give pause to an attempt at a statistical forecast. Many
patients after being admitted to hospitals and testing positive for the
virus were not treated for the virus during their stays.  Nation wide
this practice in hospitals amounted to between 50 to 60% of those
testing positive for Covid-19.

It was made very clear by international Medical Sources, that while the
“new” variant transmitted rapidly, it rarely required hospitalization
and few deaths resulted from it.  We have experienced this same pattern
here in the United States.  This has become a huge problem for the
established narrative where the “vaccines” do not appear to prevent
vaccinated people from being infected and further transmitting the virus
to others.  In states where the population has been wearing masks,
social distancing, and becoming vaccinated at nearly 80% of the
population, recent out breaks show no difference between those states
and those with a more relaxed approach.  Some of the most heavily
vaccinated and masked states are ones that have seen the largest numbers
of infection and death.  This is clearly running against the narrative
where we are told that these practices would noticeably prevent
infection and keep us safe.

We have now been practicing this failure for nearly two years where
Bureaucrats, the media, and many in the Medical establishment claim that
our situation will improve if we follow the guide lines.  It hasn’t
worked.  Lord Stutz continues to follow this failed set of placebos that
do not show any measurable affect on defeating the virus.  There are
other voices out there that are eminently qualified to speak and have
been silenced. This is not medical science.  When something claiming to
be “science” does not work, it is time to start listening to those that
have a different approach to solve our on going problems. Masks do not
work as evidenced in the heavily masked states that have recently seen
the surges, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont
and New Hampshire.  Vaccines in heavily vaccinated states do not prevent
those that are vaccinated from becoming infected in large numbers.

Recent reporting from a number of sources is that the vaccines have
begun to produced growing numbers of adverse affects on those that have
or may have had Covid and then were vaccinated.  This reporting has been
swept under the mass of propaganda that vaccines are safe.   This is
dangerous particularly in light of the fact that they are experimental. 
There are no long term affect studies being done.  There are no
autopsy’s to determine if deaths after the jab have any correlation to
the vaccines.  There have been reported adverse effects after being
vaccinated in the hundreds of thousands of cases, yet no funding for
science to determine cause.  Even vaccine manufacturers reported adverse
incidents that were not investigated.  This must stop now, and actual
science should be funded before any further damage is done.  Children
have been harmed already in  the name of “public safety” and can
potentially be harmed for life.  Let the adults back into the
conversation before it is too late.  The experiments on the human
population must be halted until proper science is undertaken and
completed.  Politics should not be involved, nor the media.  A
journalist or bureaucrat is the last person one should rely on for
medical advice.  Yes, Doctor Fauci is a bureaucrat…..

Dr. Fauci

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