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In a Del Norte Triplicate letter to the editor, dated November 15, 2012, one woman writes a glaring screed of ignorance decrying the removal of fluoride from the city’s water (which affected the county users as well). This woman, Hillary John Herman, is exactly the reason why we had to use an initiative to get the fluoride out of the water.

She addresses many of the reasons we needed it out in the first place as if they are good things. Like for example, she states she has a child with Down syndrome. Little does she know that Down syndrome is linked to fluoridation.  She also states that her other child is not stupid. She is, however, unable to know how much higher an IQ her smart child would’ve had without having consumed fluoride.  Let’s not forget we’re talking about toxic industrial waste; hydrofluosilicic acid (HFSA) fluoride.  A neurotoxin.  It passes the blood brain barrier. Look it up.

She has some of the talking points down when it comes to how fluoride is supposed to work, but she fails this test as well by not understanding that this has been debunked, and even the very PRO-fluoridation CDC Dental Division has said that fluoride is now known to work topically, not systemically.

The ignorance of fact is why the initiative, Measure A, was worded the way it was. And it’s obvious this woman did not read it. We put the burden of proof of safety on the supplier. If this product is truly as safe as being claimed, then it should not be a problem for the suppliers to provide the required documentation stating so. If they cannot supply the data and the documentation, then the product is indeed as unsafe as we have claimed, as the facts support.

Another aspect lost on Ms. Hillary John Herman is that she has bought fluoride by prescription. Get it? A DRUG is sold by prescription. And this DRUG, fluoride, has only been approved for TOPICAL application. If it is being prescribed for internal use, it is not approved for such. So what this woman is advocating is that we put an unapproved drug into our water supply, one that has only been approved for TOPICAL application. Still don’t get it, do you Ms. Hillary John Herman?

I advise Ms.  Hillary John Herman to spend a few minutes and READ about the lower IQ studies by Harvard and others she thinks are so ridiculous. This is a total lack of critical thinking and one of the reasons our world is as screwed up as it is. By just reacting instead of getting the facts, this woman has dismissed many high quality and valid studies because she BELIEVES them not true. How very unscientific.

Ms. Hillary John Herman: go to and look for yourself.  Before you deride another aspect of fact that you have not studied first hand, you sound very ignorant and woefully uninformed, you should at least LOOK at the information. Study the studies before you make such uninformed claims, in public no less.



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