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From David Wolfe, Legislative Director
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association – April 22, 2019

ACTION ALERT: We need every HJTA member to oppose the newest attack on Proposition 13, Senate Constitutional Amendment 5. This measure would make it easier to raise property tax bills by lowering the two-thirds vote needed for approval of local education parcel taxes to just 55 percent.

WHEN TO TAKE ACTION: NOW! SCA 5 will be heard in the Senate Governance and Finance Committee on Wednesday morning, April 24. Please call the legislators listed below and ask them to protect Proposition 13 by voting NO on SCA 5. If you live in the Sacramento area, feel free to come to the Capitol and voice your opposition to SCA 5 in person. The hearing is in Rm. 112 at 9:30 a.m. ( to connect up or for more information.)


  • Lowering the two-thirds vote for education parcel taxes makes it easier to add new taxes that show up “below the line” on property tax bills and are not included in Prop. 13’s one-percent cap. This can add hundreds of dollars a year to residential and business property tax bills.
  • Parcel taxes are very regressive in that all property owners typically pay the same amount, regardless of the size of the home or business. Also, numerous parcel taxes have been approved since 2010 with a two-thirds vote. There’s no need to lower the threshold if voters are persuaded that the money is really needed.
  • While everybody gets to vote on parcel taxes, only property owners pay them. That’s why we must continue to demand a supermajority threshold to authorize debt or new taxes.

Call the following Members of the Senate Government and Finance Committee, especially if you live in the areas they represent, and urge them to oppose SCA 5:

Senator Mike McGuire (Eureka, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Ukiah)  Mr. McGuire is the Chair of the Governance and Finance Committee: 916-651-4002

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