Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

From Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Your calls are having an impact! Please keep making those calls!


ACTION NEEDED: Assembly Constitutional Amendment 4, (Assemblyman Jim Frazier D—Vacaville) represents a direct assault on Proposition 13’s two-thirds vote protections! ACA 4 lowers the vote threshold to 55% in order to fund special taxes specifically for transportation projects constructed locally. The special taxes could fund everything from planning and design to construction and maintenance of roads, highways, bridges, and public transportation systems.

WHEN TO TAKE ACTION: This week. ACA 4 will be heard in the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee on Monday July 13th at 1:30 in Room 126.

WHY: Special taxes are a very broad and regressive category of taxes that can last for decades. These taxes can include sales and parcel taxes. The latter is a tax directly on your property that everyone gets to vote for, but only you pay! At a time when California has the highest sales tax in the nation, and many homeowners pay ​​hundreds of dollars of parcel taxes every year above and beyond Proposition 13’s one percent cap, lowering the threshold to 55% to approve these taxes seems especially unwarranted.

Contact the following legislators and urge them to vote NO on ACA 4. If you only have time to make one or two calls, we encourage you to call the Chair of the Committee, Phil Ting, or the Vice-Chair Bill Brough. 

Assemblyman Phil Ting, D—District 19 (Chairman) 916-319-2019
Bill Brough, R—District 73 (Vice Chairman) 916-319-2073
Matthew Dababneh, D—District 45 916-319-2045
Mike Gibson, D—District 64 916-319-2064
Roger Hernandez, D—District 48 916-319-2048
Kevin Mllin, D—District 22 916-319-2022
Jim Patterson, R—District 23 916-319-2023
Bill Quirk, D—District20 916-319-2020
Donald Wagner, R—District 68 916-319-2068


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