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Opinion Piece By Donna Westfall – July 26, 2021

JULY 31st – First day to put out RECALL NEWSOM lawn signs. If you need a sign, go to Republican Headquarters on 3rd Street in downtown Crescent City.

SEPTEMBER 14th – VOTE. You get 2 votes

Your first vote is on the recall. We recommend voting YES to recall Newsom. If you need any reasons why, here’s just a short list:

Major homelessness.

Highest taxes

Highest gas prices

Too much regulation

Overreaching government through lockdowns – closed businesses, schools and churches; hotels/motels, gyms and restaurants.

Rolling blackouts and water restrictions.

It appears there’s one set of rules for Newsom (acting like aristocracy) eating with family and friends at the very expensive French Laundry restaurant and another set for the peons he governs with restaurants ordered closed.

Then there are the problems with election integrity:

Every voter gets a mail-in ballot – dead or alive. 30 days to vote. No matching signatures. Non US citizens work in the registrar of voters office. verifying and counting ballots. Same day registration. $30 million spent unlawfully to install Dominion Voting Systems. And, of course, NO ID Required.

How can you restore power to the people? By voting for someone that has actual values, morals, a spine and a brain and cares enough to work day and night to restore our state to the great state it used to be.

Here are the top six Republican contenders

Late arrivals: Assemblyman Kevin Kiley

and, Radio Personality Larry Elder.

The four other top Republican Candidates are: Former San Diego Mayor, Kevin Faulconer; San Diego businessman, John Cox, Former Congressman Doug Ose and Caitlyn Jenner who needs no introduction.

We’ll go into their platforms in the near future.

Your 2nd vote is for the candidate of your choice to replace Newsom.

Keep in mind that it will take 50% + 1 to remove Newsom.

The replacement only needs to garner more votes than any of the other candidates.

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