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Commentary by Samuel Strait – August 29, 2022

I must admit I am a relative novice when it comes to Classical Music.  I
am most certainly aware of much of its historical value to human
society, yet my skill level in determining what is good and bad music is
limited to those pieces of music that I find pleasing to my ear.  I am
sure that most will agree that this is very likely true for even the
most intense musical enthusiasts, Granted that my attendance level in
the concert halls of America and abroad is relatively limited, I have
been induced into becoming part of an audience at a wide variety of
venues and have generally found the experience to be more than worthwhile.

As such, I was recently made aware of a performance to be held at Crissy
Field State Park, just south of Brookings, Oregon on the 27th of August,
this past Saturday evening.   My friend and I loaded up the car to
participate in a rather unique event held not in a Concert Hall, but in
the dunes near the Crissy Field State Park Visitor’s Center.  What was
to be a solo performance of Hunter Noack on a grand piano of classical
music began promptly at 6:00 pm in the evening in the wide open spaces
with not a wall or roof in sight.  For the next ninety minutes an
audience of near one hundred attendees was held in rapture by the
performance of Mr. Noack and his grand piano.

Music, inter spaced with Mr. Noack’s inviting description of the
individual pieces to be played, the history of Crissy Field and its path
to becoming a State Park, plus an invitation to the audience to come up
on stage, as well as wander the dunes all the while listening to his
performance.   Truly an excellent way of coming in tune with both the
music and the environment.  While I am by no stretch of the imagination
an expert on classical music, or any music for that matter, I found
myself to have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Saturday’s
performance.  Mr Noack has performed throughout Oregon, California,
Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho in many other outdoor venues to call attention
to the many State Parks and Wild Life areas in the Western United States
and their need for our support.   With literally hundreds of out doors
concerts already preformed by Mr. Noack, many relatively near to
Crescent City, I would encourage anyone to partake should they have the
opportunity to attend.

Information on upcoming concerts and their locations can be found on the
internet by Googling “In A Landscape:  Hunter Noack” and you will not be
disappointed.  His current season began in May and will continue on
through September.  While Mr. Noack has moved on, there are other
opportunities for culture to be offered locally by Music In The Redwoods
and their 2022-2023 Concert series to be held in Crescent Elk’s newly
refurbished auditorium, the first coming shortly on September 11th
featuring Ilya Yakushev and Thomas Mesa.  You may contact the Del
Norte-Curry Community Concert Association for more information on
upcoming events.

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