Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

in-n-outMedford, Oregon is the only city in the entire state that now has In-N-Out Burger.  That’s a two hour drive from Crescent City.

Formerly they were only in five states:  California, Utah, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.

Think of it.  Fries made from fresh potatoes and you can watch their staff individually cutting each potato and then fry them in pure vegetable oil.

Hamburgers are made from fresh 100% beef.  They are free of any additives, preservatives and fillers.

And their shakes are made with real ice cream.

They don’t own any microwaves, they don’t freeze anything or put anything under a heat lamp.

In addition to their quality ingredients their prices are super.

One thought on “In-N-Out Burger Opens in Medford, Oregon”
  1. I’m sorry, but i’m certainly not going to drive 2 hours to visit a corporate chain when there locally owned business that make much better food.

    There are at least 3 within a 5 mile drive from where i live now. (Fresno, CA)

    BTW, how are local businesses doing?

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