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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – January 13, 2022

I know most that are paying attention don’t believe it when the federal
government claims that the inflation rate “only” rose to seven percent. 
For us here in California, where our our Governor Hair Gel Newsom is
also on the elevator to add to the Biden induced upward climb of prices
on most everything, we have noticed.  Many things that formerly didn’t
break the bank to purchase are rapidly increasing in price to make the
average Californian’s budget fail to survive most trips to the store.  I
think it was back in August when we were assured that this state of
affairs was only temporary.  Now six months later, and six months of
five plus percent of inflation each month, we have arrived at the lofty
figure of seven percent in December.

With fuel at five bucks a gallon, likely to go higher during the spring,
nearly every product that is marketable has only one way to go, upward
in cost to consumers.  There is a silver lining, though, supply chain
issues still plague retailers, and products are not getting to the
shelves to be sold.  That and many companies can no longer supply
certain items because of lack of ingredients.  If you can’t buy it, the
product that is, what a savings….  It doesn’t take a “rocket
scientist” to figure out who is to blame.  Federal policies, originating
from the pen of the stumbling, bumbling fool in the White House is a
good place to start.  An energy crisis and fuel shortages have Joe
Biden’s name written all over it.

The Democrats all the way to his lordship have decided to put all sorts
of fantasy spending in the place of economically sensible planning. 
Climate Change, social justice, defund the police, open borders, the
January 6th “Open House” at the US Capitol, and a host of other
ridiculous left wing garbage lead the way.  A sky rocketing national
debt, with no end in sight as “new” spending for the non existent
“Omicron Emergency” is now front and center. The “puppy dog” Newsom in
hot pursuit with his own version of federalism on its way to the
California State Assembly.  One only wonders just how high inflation
will go, particularly here in California where we already have a head
start.  Proposals for a hike in California’s income tax are already
planned.  You really didn’t think the federal and state governments are
inflation proof did you?

At the local scene increases in sales tax and for some property owners
have already made a bad situation worse, without any relief in sight. 
An effort to gain some help for inflation beleaguered locals will
hopefully be on the June Ballot.  Make sure you get out and sign the
petitions to repeal the sales taxes to have a say in this important issue.  Maybe even be
able to keep a little money in your pocket and out of the hands of our
local spend happy governments.

With no apparent policy changes from our lord and master, “Ice Cream
Cone” Biden, and Federal Legislators trying to make things worse by
spending even more money, it is nice to see the “empty suit” in
Sacramento is being consistent to the federal government to float a $288
billion dollar budget proposal for the coming year.  What a bargain. 
Single payer health care, for illegals too, what a prince!

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