Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Did you know that Del Norte County was 34th IN THE NATION on cancers for white females between the years

1970 – 1994?  While Curry County was 765th? Just look at the National Cancer Institutes web site.


Doesn’t that beg the question, WHY?


Could it be that Del Norte County started fluoridating their water in the 60’s and continues to today? Meanwhile

Curry County does not fluoridate their water and never has. 


The people intent on defeating Measure A at the polls November 2, 2010 did not bother to inform the voters of these types of statistics.  Nor did they bother to inform voters of the other dangers associated with drinking fluoridated water.


Is this a stretch?  Or does research reveal connections between cancer and drinking fluoridated water?


For further information you can look on line at Fluoride Action Network, or Del Norte Clean Water.

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