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                The State of Jefferson might leave that part out. Do you want to know why? Because after they get the  Board of Supervisors  to fall for their “we need representation” leads, they will all have spent hundreds of thousands of tax payers dollars all for naught.    Ultimately the United States Congress and the United States Senate is not going to give California the most elective power in the United States.

At the Board of Supervisors meeting held February 25, 2014, Supervisors Roger Gitlin, Gerry Hemmingsen and Mike Sullivan all voted to give $4,000.00 dollars of tax payers money to place an advisory vote on the ballot in the June election, for the benefit of the State of Jefferson.  Roger Gitlin stated all people should have the right to vote and I don’t dispute that. Mike Sullivan stated,  “$4,000.00 dollars is a small amount to pay for the voters to decide”. True enough, and Gerry Hemingsen  goes along for the ride just because, he states in his own words, “ I’m not good with verbiage”. Quite frankly I ask the question, since those Supervisors are supporters of the State of Jefferson, should they not recuse themselves from the vote because they support it?

                I personally agree that everyone is entitled to vote and $4,000.00 dollars is a small amount to pay to place an item on the ballot but what these supervisors don’t understand is the violation of the process.  None of the signatures attained by the  State of Jefferson were needed to be verified. Those Supervisors simply said, “Ah, I looked at the names and it sounded right”. Really?  Let’s make a comparison. When the ratepayers of Crescent City submitted  2,300 plus votes to the city to decline the increase in water rates, do you think for one minute that those signatures were accepted as gospel  and not counted? Hell to the no… they were all verified. Why is the State of Jefferson people so trustworthy?  Do you think that when the citizens of Crescent City follow through with an initiative that the signatures acquired will not be verified?  If the State of Jefferson is so passionate about division, why shouldn’t they come up with the $4,000.00 to place it on the ballot?

                Another question that plagues me in this task of the Jeffersonian’s  mad attempts to disrupt our communities and  State,  Why is Timothy Cook Draper pushing this agenda. Rather the question is, who is Timothy Draper? Remember at the Tea Party meetings Mark Baird and others mentioned how if we separate from the State of California, Silicon Valley will be the first in line to move their enterprise here? Equally, remember how Mark Baird could not divulge that information yet. Well I can. Timothy Cook Draper filed a petition which was accepted by California’s Secretary of State Debra Bowen to begin collecting signatures to divide California into 6 smaller states, arguing that California is “increasingly ungovernable” as one state. Of course Mr. Draper has big plans that spell out big industry here in our neck of the woods.  Read for yourself at  Additionally and according to today’s Standard Times Newspaper, Humboldt Board of Supervisors vetoed Timothy Drapers attempts to place this vote on a Ballot, but he is planning to attain signatures from the counties residents. I guess they believe in the “elections process” and won’t stand to be pushed around like three of our Supervisors were.

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