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Opinion and Commentary By Linda Sutter – July 26, 2023

Dean Wilson was voted in for 5th district supervisor to fulfill the remaining term of former Supervisor Bob Berkowitz. Dean Wilson a former Del Norte County Sheriff, has had the opportunity to show his constituents what he can do to make Del Norte County a more viable place to work, live and raise a family.

Supervisor Dean Wilson, 5th District

However, Dean Wilson is making decisions that are affecting our property taxes, allowing misuse of public funds, and contributing to divide his constituents by placing his own self agenda and dismissing the will of the people.

Recently the Board of Supervisors voted to increase your sewer rate user fee 245% which is on your property tax. Although Dean Wilson voted against it he made it perfectly clear the no vote was pertaining to the reports he received stating his constituents did not receive a ballot. Dean Wilson stated we are responsible for the sewer and believes in the tax.

What people should realize pertaining to the sewer is the county has a budget. Within that budget there is supposed to be funds put aside for repairs, maintenance, and replacement. Where did that money go? Who on the board conducted the research that demonstrated the aforementioned funds were utilized correctly before voting such a huge tax increase? Dean did not. Darrin Short did not, Valerie Starkey did not, Chris Howard did not. Joey Borges did not . But the Bertsch tract received a 245% tax increase.

Last night Dean Wilson voted to take $110,000.00 dollars of public money to keep a defunct Tri-Agency afloat. A defunct agency who for 10 years owed the Federal Government $290,000.00 and had no money to pay it back. You want to know what the Tri-Agency plans to do with $110,000.00 dollars more of public money? Buy a director, a grant writer, pay for attorney services and any other associated cost with Tri-Agency.

That money won’t begin to cover the associated cost. Keep in mind, the last 10 year’s the Tri-Agency board members have done nothing for this community.

One public member called Dean Wilson a turncoat joining his allegiance with elected persons who are destroying Del Norte County such as Chris Howard, Darrin Short, Brian Stone, Wes White, Blake Inscore, Isaiah Wright, and Kelly Schellong.

Look around our County and it doesn’t take much to see their lack of efforts spell FAILURE.

Folks share this with your friends. Step up to the plate. Vote these people out.

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