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By Donna Westfall – September 15, 2018 – At the September 11th Del Norte County Board of Supervisor’s (BOS) meeting, Supervisor 2nd District, Lori Cowan, refuted the announcement by Supervisor 1st District, Roger Gitlin, about the increase in his registration fees stating that her registration fees on her five vehicles went up about $25 each and not the $100 claimed by Gitlin on his vehicle registration fees.

So, I was wondering about verification because someone sent me a picture of her commercial vehicle, gassing up at Fred Meyer, and the vehicle had Oregon license plates on it.

Well, much to my consternation, I was wondering if the Cowan’s somehow qualified for a non-resident vehicle license fee exemption? Because ordinarily “Vehicles must be registered in California within 20 days after you establish residency or you will be subject to late fees determined by the duration of delinquency. You have 10 days to register a vehicle in California after you purchase it from a private party, or you must pay late fees.”

Not only are there unanswered questions about their vehicle registrations, but Sup. Cowan is a big proponent of the gas tax (starting at 12 cents a gallon). She was the first to oppose Prop 6 (repeal the gas tax) at the August BOS meeting.  Additionally, Sups Howard and Hemmingsen jumped on board with her in an action to overturn the vote and oppose Prop 6 at the September 11th board meeting.

I think Sup. Cowan has a lot of explaining to do.  How about providing copies of all their vehicle license registration fees so we can see if any are being paid at the Non-Resident Vehicle License Fee Exemption rate….. which could explain why Cowan is only paying $25 more per vehicle while Gitlin is paying $100 more.






4 thoughts on “Is Del Norte County Supervisor, Lori Cowan, a hypocrite?”
  1. typical, MS. Cowan also bragged about her 5 cars and how she does not mind paying higher gas cost here in Del Norte in the last meeting of August. She likes to hear herself talk, but doesn’t listen to what she says…I wonder if there is a diagnosis for that in the DMSV?

  2. The vehicle registration fee increase varies based on the age and value of the car. As to Lori Cowen having a vehicle with an Oregon license plate, I do not know how that is possible unless it is registered to an Oregon resident who is an associate of her business. Even if this is true, cars registered in Oregon where the owner also has a California business need to have two plates, one for each state. Larry Goodman, former owner of KCRE, lived in Brookings. His car had two plates. Employees of California businesses who live in Oregon need to pay for a commuter sticker for their vehicle.

  3. But it wouldn’t explain how a non-resident was a member of the Board of Supervisors if she is a non-resident paying licensing fees at the non-resident exemption rate.

  4. If Cowan is registered as an Oregon Resident how can she be District 2 Supervisor? And looks like city council will be voting on measure 6 as well … so keep your cameras at bay to watch all city and county elected at the gas pumps

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