Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

WRITTEN BY: The Whistle Blower

Did you get a chance to log on to last week’s DNUSD Wednesday Webinar, where they covered the schools re-opening model and their “French Laundry” list of Covid Requirements? Well if you didn’t, you really missed out on some colorful illogical word salad, that would put any rational mind into a mental tailspin of confusion. Do you know why they make it so confusing? Because TYRANNY isn’t suppose to make sense.

Instead of trying to explain it, below is Diagram A for the Students. As you can see.. no matter what a student does or where they go, they will be tested because every time they are encountered with Covid, whether it’s indirect or direct, they will be tested and quarantined. Not accurate? Examine the Diagram(s) and derive at your own conclusion.  As for Parents, you’re not allowed on campus until you are Vaxxed. You can’t even drive in the parking lot, they want you to drop your kid off at the corner of the premises – this is a District-wide policy. If you want to volunteer, you will need to be Vaxxed. Another service they have taken from the kids is the Salad Bar. So it’s back to prepackaged K-Ration meals and processed fruit cups… more prison-like conditioning. The one that really stands out, that makes zero sense, is the 4th right bottom box. The child can continue to attend the indoctrination camps and After-School program, but can’t participate in extra-curricular activities for 10 days.

If you still aren’t paying attention, they are coming after your children. It honestly disgusts me that so many parents are willing to take so many risks regarding their children because of societal peer pressure. Everyone knows the masks don’t work, they are filthy and they literally suffocate them. Masks cause Hypoxia and allows 97% particle debris to pass through. Not to mention the emotional and social dehumanization it is instilling. Yet, you still comply and enroll your kids. Why? Regarding children 12 years of age and older, I think it is downright irresponsible for any parent to submit their children to a new vaccine that has NO long-term trials, in which the manufacturers are completely removed from liability. You are their Parent. Not the State. You know what they will say if your child has an adverse reaction? They will turn it on YOU and say, “ Well, you’re the Parent, it was YOUR Choice to authorize this. Sorry. Your child is not our responsibility.” Wake UP PEOPLE!  These kids are being coerced into a future where they have NO RIGHTS, brainwashed into not questioning authority, using their intuition or critical thinking skills. They are being muzzled and separated from their friends. The final component to successfully installing a Totalitarian State is gaining complete control of the youth of a nation.

Let’s move on to DIAGRAM B.

Diagram B is for Staff and Teachers. It is disheartening to say the least that most of the Teachers are in lockstep with the CTA, who is helping fund this Authoritarian agenda. Most of the teachers have been vaxxed, but at least it is the Staff who seems to have a Constitutional backbone and trust their own individual instincts and rights. What is the appeal in sending kids to a school where most of the teachers are pigeon-holed into Group-Think? They don’t think for themselves. They haven’t for a while. While the Staff remains quiet, but is set apart from them, I hope more Staff will speak up as well. The District blatantly pointed out any staff or teacher not vaxxed by mid-October will be terminated. Good! It’s a blessing in disguise, because I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can no longer abide working for an abhorrent agenda. DNUSD refuses to look at sound data because they bow down to the funders they beholden to. That’s it. They no longer serve the students, they show complete disdain and disregard for the parents and the taxpayer. Sadly, many taxpayers, don’t have children attending school anymore, yet are stuck paying for a failing government school that isn’t stopping gauging into our pockets again. They already have their eye on the 2022 Mid-Term election-cycle to put a $47 Million Bond, for more government overreach on your kids and the community. DNUSD has succumbed to the Deep State. Just analyze the CTA and where the funds go. It is self-explanatory. School commences next Monday. I don’t know how anyone can be genuinely excited to subject their children to these draconian mask mandates. I guess, for many, MORE seeing is believing, since these last 18 months haven’t been enough of an eye opener to prove to our children, parents and the community, that within a flash of a Robo-Call, the Tax-Funded school locked the community out; on a Sunday, no less with NO warning and NO grace period. But hey, let’s give the trusty DNUSD another chance. If this isn’t returning to the scene of the crime, I don’t know what is. If just 25% of the parents committed to withdraw from DNUSD, things will drastically change, quickly. After all, budget dollars must be redirected to wherever the students go….

DNUSD has made it abundantly clear with their reckless spending of tax payer money, failing literacy and math scores, social engineering curriculum, lack of transparency, complete disregard and actual disdain for Parental Rights, are now using their resources and platform solely as a Covid Tracking and Vaccination Data Collection agency for CDPH and CDC. The CDC has a Program on their website called COVID-19 PROJECT SHIELDING. Do any of you or DNUSD Administration know what this is?? Well you should. They are COVID CAMPS and they are coming after us. Now look at the District’s Student and Staff Covid Requirement Models. They are designed to Isolate, Categorize and Segregate the Vaxxed vs. Non-Vaxxed between Students, Parents, relatives, circles of friends and staff and their connections. This is a direct correlation to the enabling and abating of the CDC’s agenda. DNUSD is fueling Agenda 21.

Withdraw your children before it’s too late and the State confiscates your children.

2 thoughts on “Is DNUSD Restructuring into Covid Camps?”
  1. Remember BLM and Antifa–learn from their tactics.

    This is how you do it:


    Target the county and city supervisors, school board members and health officials. Make life difficult for them. Make their job miserable.

    Send them letters at work and at home every day telling them exactly what you think and how they have failed humanity. Do not stop calling their places of work. Melt the phone lines.

    Call them at home and at work. Never give them a moment of peace. Don’t let them sleep.

    Launch as many official complaints against them as possible and tie up their system.

    Register their names in both national and international lawsuits against the lockdowns and vaccines.

    List their names publicly for crimes against humanity.

    Broadcast their personal information across the internet and publicly shame them.

    This is a war of attrition. Punish them for fighting it.

  2. Under the present circumstances, parents in Del Norte County are split into two camps: We have parents who actually love their children and are concerned for their welfare and future; and we have those who don’t give a shit about their kids and send them to DNUSD public schools. It is sad statement about this community that so many people are so lazy and uncaring that they would entrust their children to such an incompetent and evil system.

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