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Bu Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – August 29, 2021

Recently, both locally and throughout the State there has been a
clamoring for the various governments, State, Municipal, and local to
once again establish mandates coercing California citizens to mask up,
social distance, return to your prison cells, and close down the
economy.  The rational being broadcast is that it is in the
“community’s” interest to do so.   There has been a push for vaccine
coercion, vaccine passports being the most common, for just about all
human activity in order to be “safe” from all the reprobates that
continue to fail to fall in line with the “community” dictates.  Local
authority has taken those steps no matter whether you are vaccinated or not.

It does not seem to matter that there is no science that supports ANY of
those mechanisms that can prevent transmission of Covid-19.  That,
coupled with recent reports out of Israel and the UK, that vaccine
efficacy duration may be as little as two to four WEEKS, not months,  
And, there are increasing reports that serious medical conditions as
well as death can occur from being vaccinated is something that should
give anyone pause for risking the vaccines.  The medical community is
currently pressuring every one to get vaccinated in Del Norte County to
insure the “community” experience with Covid-19 is as minimal as
possible. In order to remain relevant, non profits, some employers, and
public health all repeat the Mantra, “Vaccines are effective and safe”.

Whether or not “vaccines are safe and effective”, NO one expects to live
forever.  We all expect that we will die yet wish to live as long as
possible.  No one can predict that tragic date, nor how it comes to us. 
We cannot hide at home and continue to pretend that what is happening
will not affect us individually, so why must the “community” dictate
what is best for us?  Is it okay for the community to allow illegal
aliens to cross our Southern Border, be Covid positive, and move about
freely through the community?  Is it okay for those same illegals to be
released into communities only to commit a violent crime?  Kill a member
of your family?  A child? or Infect you with Covid-19?  Is it okay for
our “Hairness” , Gavin Newsom, to release felons from prisons to avoid
infection from Covid-19 only for them to kill someone close to you in a
home invasion or other violent crimes?  Is it okay for the “community”
to have a say in how you go about being safe and healthy?

Is it okay for someone’s business to fail due to Pandemic closures?  Is
it okay for that business owner to experience a loss due to his failed
business?  Is it okay for a child to be devastated from a lack of
education due to Pandemic school closures?  Is it okay for someone to
lose a job due to Covid mandates?  Refuse to risk death or serious
illness from vaccination?  Is it okay to be vaccinated and die?  Is it
okay for individuals not to have a choice?

No matter what your political affiliation, a person’s health should be
private and left for them to decide what course to take.  Del Norte
County was never going to escape attention by Covid-19 or any of its
variants.  Face masks, social distancing, washing hands, lock downs, and
vaccines did not prevent the latest surge, nor any other surge.  The
mere fact that we have gotten off so incredibly lightly is a wonderful
thing and should be celebrated rather than being sent back to Covid Prison.

No matter how vain people are to demand “for the community’s” sake that
a person’s health decision should be the object of that same community,
it remains, it is nobody’s business but your own. Until someone is known
to have committed a crime, they should be given the benefit of doubt no
matter how many people in the community are affected by the crime.  It
is the way things are supposed to work in this country whether you like
it or not. Health and safety should be allowed to work the same way.  Is
it okay for that to happen?

Many people are okay with the current flood of illegals across the
border.  Many of those same folks were okay with felons being released
from prison to avoid infection from Covid-19.  More yet were unconcerned
when businesses failed and their children were not being educated.  That
is until it directly affected them personally or could in the future. 
At that point it should have been for them to take personal
responsibility to protect themselves and not ask the community to
protect them.  Personal responsibility for one’s welfare was the
hallmark of this Country for most of its history and it worked well.  
Recent events have shown that to be a fading glory.   Suck it up people,
grow up and take back the sense of independence.  It will serve your
personal welfare much better than dependence on the “community”.

11 thoughts on “Is It Okay?”
  1. I am a bit beyond behaving like a black lives matter hooligan. I do what I am able in the present. If things go south, I have already begun to take steps to address my future. What that may be, is for me to know, not the world.

  2. Another whole lot of talking about the situation. But doing nothing.

    Tell me Sam, what will you do when they force the vaccine upon you? What will you do when they threaten to break down your door, take your children, and throw you into a quarantine facility like what is happening in Australia?

    Nothing, I’m sure. Maybe you can write another article about the experience.

    These people will not listen to reason. They will not listen to scientific evidence or inquiry. They do not care about you, your family, or your children.

    If it was the county supervisors and health expert that put their name to these mandates, then the people of Del Norte should round them up and hang them with piano wire from the trees on front street. Leave a copy of the Nuremberg Laws at their feet while you watch them swing.

    1. I haven’t seen you at any of the protests I have attended, nor read any articles in the CCTimes or any other news outlet. Where is your “beef”?

      1. What other news outlets serve this area, aside from the Triplicate?

        Sam, you still didn’t answer ghosting’s question: What will you do when the vaccine is mandated for you?

        1. Currently none of the vaccines being manufactured and distributed are formally approved by the FDA. They all are emergency use only vaccines and cannot formally be compelled on anyone. The vaccine given official approval by the FDA for approved use has not been manufactured yet nor been used on the general population. As problems with the original vaccines continue to surface, it will become difficult for governments to apply forced vaccination on the entire population, particularly those that go off grid. If coercion becomes the end result of this current effort of government control over individual and personal choice, well, we will see what happens then. I suspect that Australia’s example of government over reach may manifest itself here in the US in a much different fashion. As far as what I will do personally, that is for me to decide, not authority.
          There a couple of other local narratives being produced other than the Triplicate, which I read to gauge fact from fiction. It is interesting to read about things that “the people asking the general public to do in the name of community safety” turn around and violate those same control mechanisms. A good gauge of just how valuable those controls actually are on the public.

          1. I appreciate you taking the time to answer, but saying that your response to forced vaccination is to just wait and “see what happens” isn’t much of an answer.

            I agree that vaccine coercion will likely take a more subtle form here in the United States. Most likely they will try to manufacture necessity for vaccine passports within the private sector while continuing to eliminate physical cash from the economy. In the end, if we do not resist, what we will be left with will closely mimic the social credit system currently in use in China.

            Again, would you please list the other publications that are active and serving Del Norte?

            1. Let me ask you a simple question, are you willing to broadcast your intentions in a public forum with regard to how you will handle coerced vaccination in advance? It depends on how you define “active and serving Del Norte” when it comes to publications. None that benefit, some that do not do anything but spew a narrative. Still those educate about what does not work.

            2. Check out and their sister site Wild Rivers Outpost which you will find in the Elsewhere Section of Lost Coast Outpost. The North Coast Journal occasionally has Del Norte County articles and is available every Thursday at Wild Rivers Market.

      2. My “beef” with you isn’t personal –it’s about being pragmatic and ending the denial of the situation. Do you really believe that waving a sign that expresses your outrage will change anything at this point?

        Like so many others across the Internet and independent media, all you are doing is talking about the issues at hand–such as forced vaccinations, masks, school mandates–but you are never bringing any solutions to bear.

        We are beyond the time for more talking. It is time for action.

        Now answer my question Sam–what will you do when the vax is forced on you and your family?

  3. Your sentence should have read like this. The lack of Face masks, social distancing, washing hands, lock downs, And vaccines did not prevent the latest surge. How many dead are you responsible for Sam?

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