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By Donna Westfall – April 22, 2020

If we look at the numbers of deaths in Los Angeles County, 1,320 so far and climbing with about 100 reported on Tuesday, April 21st, (over 35,000 confirmed cases) the city is definitely a disaster.  The only city to surpass those numbers is New York with a whopping 19,100 deaths.

Let’s look at Ventura County with 443 cases, 230 recovered, 28 hospitalized, 13 deaths and no new deaths.  Ventura County’s CEO announced easing their restrictions two days ago.  Businesses are being allowed to reopen if their employees do not interact directly with members of the public. They are limited to having no more than 10 employees at the site during a 24-hour period and those inside must practice physical distancing.

Yesterday, in Del Norte County, the first protest to ease restrictions took place on Hwy 101 in front of the Fairgrounds.  85 people showed up and some held signs.  Organizer, Dan Schultz, with the support of Supervisor 1st District, Roger Gitlin were encouraged by the numbers. So far 200 tests performed in this county for the virus, 2 confirmed cases that were quarantined at home and both recovered.  No deaths.

Supervisor Gitlin had this to report:

Recognition and a big thank you to the 85 estimated patriots and scores of honking car horns who participated in the Rally to Re-Open the Del Norte County economy, today. This message of common sense and exercise of our freedom to assemble in the face of fear and fake news that claims gong out in public is a huge risk and one will risk exposure to the COVID 19 virus. NONSERNSE ! Stop these vomit of scare tactics. We have ZERO Covid cases and the two who were exposed and since recovered and are back in the community.

Thank you Dan Schultz for organizing this great event. I was honored to participate and was disappointed there were no other elected in attendance. Shameful and embarrassing and OUT OF TOUCH our electeds are.

Folks, no one is trying to kill any one and expose our community to disease. Our County and our State have ” quarantined” us. I always thought you quarantined the sick. Since when are healthy folks subject to deprivation of our Rights?

Gov. Newsom, Begin the process of gradually opening up our County. Join at least 22 governors / States who are doing exactly that.. If we sit on our hands and wait while 80 elitist advisors decide on what can open and when, I suspect the economic damage which is already severe, will worsen. Nobody wants welfare. Remove the shackles which prevent us from surviving. OPEN UP DEL NORTE COUNTY.

On April 16th, THE SUN, a United Kingdom newspaper, carried a story about seven states in America holding protests against the extreme restrictions that are crippling the economy:  Michigan, Kentucky Virginia, No. Carolina, Ohio, Utah and Texas.

On April 17th, a huge crowd of protesters gathered outside Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz’s official residence in St. Paul on Friday, calling for him to loosen stay-at-home restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus.  One woman held a sign that simply stated, “I need a haircut.”

Also on April 17th in Mobile, Alabama, a grassroots Facebook  calling themselves “Open Alabama” started with 5,000 and growing. Mayor Stimpson is quoted; “We continue to say there’s two things involved in this,” he said. “It’s saving lives, but also protecting livelihoods. Well as each day goes by somebody doesn’t have a paycheck.”

11 thoughts on “Is it time to responsibly open up the economy?”
  1. That’s why your Name is STEELHEAD? Nothing probably get in there but rattles around somewhere in your environment??

  2. I was there too Donna and it was a nice size group people are sick of being Sequestered and want our County to get to work again Plus shutting down 4th of July is just Plain Stupid ! Hopefully we can talk the Chamber of Commerce into waiting another 2 months to make a final decision!

    1. Certainly a comfort to know that people smart enough to recognize media and bureaucratic floundering and stumbling around in the midst of a manufactured crisis are willing to stand up and ask some pretty obvious questions. Seems that more and more people nation wide are beginning to recognize the tell tale signs and are willing to be viewed by the moral pandering crowd as less than. It’s a badge of honor to be worn proudly when that’s all you’ve got.

  3. Who the hell counted 85. That’s not what I saw. And how would anyone know much of the horn honking was pro or against.

    1. It helps when you open your mind. It was actually a few over 100. Though not all were there for the entire hour and thirty minutes. I suppose you might have gotten a clue when most that honked their horns also gave a thumbs up. The few that objected were much less classy.

        1. Mas Crooked, high praise indeed, I hope this lives up to that praise. Steelhead, feeling a bit frustrated are you. Seems whenever you can’t make the cut in a civilized discussion, I can always count on you taking the “low road”. Clearly this makes you look bad, but you never seem to learn that valuable lesson.
          A person who has a closed mind is one that blindly follows the prevailing mantra like a lemming, with no thought to ask questions when things do not add up. That is something I find unacceptable if a person wants to grow in life. It may trouble the orthodox thinker and cause him to lash out, but he never grows or learns anything until he ceases to use his head as simply a lamp shade mounted on his shoulders.
          As far people who protest and ask the difficult questions in life, this is one of the ways we move forward from the mistakes that have been made by leadership in order to progress as a society. They are more open minded by definition, rather than those that simply accept what they have been told. Lemmings are the truly close minded people in the discussion at hand. Sorry Steelhead but you seem to be the classic example of that kind of non questioning and thinking person.
          I realize, that you probably can’t get passed thinking that others may view the world some what differently than you and I apologize to you for not keeping that disability in mind. So as such if I may pose a question for you which will not require any scientific or medical expertise to ponder and answer, if possible. Right now, medical experts and scientists in the US have the grand total of just over sixty days of data regarding Covid-19. Do you think that has provided them with enough information to even suggest that locking down the country as a first option is the best solution? Keeping in mind, that human kind has been struggling to understand viruses for several thousand years, have yet to find a cure for any of them or a fully successful vaccine in all that time. Additionally, all the great minds in history have never utilized a complete lockdown as a means for controlling the spread of disease knowing that it would cause more harm than could reasonably be sustained. So, to sum it up, very tiny amount of data, leads to a rash decision based on fear due to lack of a base of knowledge results in an unsustainable solution. Hope that wasn’t too hard for you. The lessons found in history are so often lessons lost on succeeding generations. So sad.

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