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By Dale Bohling

The Waltz Of The Flowers is still  like it was when it was composed by Peter Tschaikovsky for his ballet The Nutcracker in 1892. But sadly it is less so in the 21st century world which the flowers, we  and the bee occupy.
Biologists have voiced  alarm over the disappearance of nature’s chief pollinators.They point to viruses causing  hive collapse  and/or insecticides used by farmers to thwart ruinous weevils and hoppers. But a far more sinister and  insidious cause of bee extinction that has  thus far  escaped the glaring light of public exposure is the decades-long use of heavy metals, principally aluminum alongside the  ever-present barium in the war against clear skies, the use of aerosol spraying  by high-flying tankers  that has wrapped the planet in a cocoon of doom.
 Living in the  Pacific northwestern coastal  area presents a constant danger with  tsunamis (just an earthquake away) and  the possible nightmare scenario of an EMP attack from a hostile  nuclear power ,e.g. adds to the  nightmarish scenario. Ours is a potentially precarious existence.  But heavy metal saturation of our environment; air, water and soil exists NOW in the air we breathe,the water we drink and the food we eat.
While researchers and  aware,  concerned citizens continue to amass evidence and information about the uber black  government project appropriately titled ”geo-engineering” by its’ critics, the aerial spraying continues  somewhere right now in our planet’s sky.
Day and night the tankers are aloft with their insidious cargo being pumped into the atmosphere. No, Mr. Skeptic, everything you see wafted into the atmosphere from a high-flylng  aircraft is not con(densate) trails. The ice crystals involved in con trails dissipate quickly,  aerosol chemtrails do not. On a clear cloudless day several hours after the tankers spew their chemicals the sky will haze over with  a filmy gunk  the undiscerning will unblinkly consider clouds. When the sun is in the right position relative to a chemical glob one can actually see a sickly sun dog. Clouds do not do that.
The skeptical but intellectually curious reader will rightfully ask who is doing this and WHY?
Initially the Air Force was funded with the  program as reflected in the book titled Owning The Weather By 2025. There is at least  one civilian company involved in the spraying  named Evergreen Air. But there is yet another necessary component to this weather manipulation;HAARP, the High Active Auroral Project based in Gakona, Alaska.
HAARP is a 33 acre site on which 180 high frequency broadcast antennas sit atop 72 foot towers. Powering the antennas are 30 transmitter shacks, each containing  12 diesel powered transmitters which  are capable of pumping 3.6 million watts of  RF power into the ionosphere. The apparatus is classified as an ionosphere heater, HAARP has a  unique patented capability to focus the intense energy into a single point in the sky multiplying the power 1,000 times, i.e. 3.6 billion watts focused  on a single spot. While most will likely be in awe of such numbers they  may
understandably ask,”so what”?
Powering up that machine turns the operator into a virtual wizard of OZ. He is the master of storms from simple rain (contradicting the day’s forecast) to tornados, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts ad infinitum,
If your interest is aroused you may get reams of information (and yes,possibly some MIS- information as well) on HAARP and aerosol spraying. The lunatics have tipped the scales of nature and if there is a  large enough clamor from an awakened citizenry MAYBE the weather cycle can be restored IF IT’S NOT TOO LATE.
Google: GEOENGINEERING WATCH.ORG;;; in Wikipedia google HAARP for the government-sanitized version. Additionally read: Angels Don’t Play This HAARP by Nick Begich & Jeane Manning and alsoHAARP by Jerry E. Smith
5 thoughts on “Is our planet wrapped in a cocoon of doom?”
  1. Thank you Dale for the enlightening and for alerting the tax payers to how our money is being spent, and much, much more.
    I wrote an article, New Math Can Kill Us. There was one comment saying the article will be added to the Agenda 21 timeline.
    If Maggie or any person is interested in how, when, who is involved in Agenda 21 they can access that information from the timeline. Click on the link below.
    The ’60’s advised us to “QUESTION AUTHORITY”!
    This is not that easy to do when Finnigan has the microphone, interrupting by questioning if you are on topic and “daring” any person to go over the 3 minute LIMIT AND NOT ONE SECOND MORE!
    Thanks to Donna and Doug Westfall we can question our local leaders through the Crescent City Times. There is never any censoring or denial of access. Our democracy is alive and well at The Crescent City Times.Thank You Doug and Donna.

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    Aaron GuzmanReply
    January 17, 2016 at 11:01 am
    This article has been added to the Agenda 21 Timeline:

  2. Thank you so much for your response ANONYMOUS.I appreciate your input and am encouraged by it. I also appreciate the welcome mat the editor of The Crescent City Times has placed for writers of letters to the editor. A similar companion article to this one, was rejected by the new editor for the Triplicate on the grounds that he considered it “conspiracy theory”. Not wishing to disparage a person for their views I will say only that it is (or should be) an editor’s job to be informed on government programs and this one,considering the scope and obvious necessity of funding (of which this has to be a close match for the military budget) should be accepted and willing to open it up to discussion, as we are doing here. Again, kudos to you for responding and to the for making it all possible.

  3. Dale, Thank you so much for the up date. I know our government is not being up front with the American people and the rest of the world. For the government to use this concentrated electrical energy to bring devastation to people puts a whole new slant on “power to the people and climate control. Perhaps it would be better worded as control via the climate.
    Tesla died penniless with his life’s work available for the taking.
    I’m sure big business grabbed on to that honey pot. Unfortunately, corporations are only accountable to their investors. And investors are willing to take risks as long as the expenses are paid by some body else. I remember the early 70’s there was a huge debate over the clean, cost effective power nuclear energy could provide. There arguments were persuasive, believable. I remember a mantra about what ever problems science creates science can fix. Sounds great. Except for the fact that the managers of Fukushema are still scratching their heads while waiting for that scientific solution to pour over that reactor’s core and put out the fire. How many years have they been waiting? And now the boys have new toys that they will be able to control the weather or something. Forget it Johnny. You obviously cannot be trusted with an erector set. Especially when our not so brilliant local government and the oversight for the school board find it acceptable to teach the children 2+2=5. Community, our leaders are not helping the situation. Johnny, you can create some flowers and bees with your play dough,and repeat 2+2=4. Local government you do not have a clue or the intelligence to deal with what is happening. And you may want to rethink your idiotic fears about marijuana’s calming effects and alleviating stress. If you are afraid of marijuana you may want to get a few extra pairs of skives for the future.
    We the people have to tell the Big Kahuna and His Bunch that they are not allowed to play with “blow up the world” toys on this planet. I can not blame any one who finds comfort in believing the government’s lies and wants to go on pretending. I do too. However, I am not turning in the towel. I do not know who is behind this. I do know about 7 billion people who are not behind this, including Mr. Edward Snowden, Mr Jullian Assange, Anonymous, The lone Ranger, Tonto, Sky King, Bob Dylan, Donna Westfall, Doug Westfall Linda Sutter, Wes Nunn, Betty Green, Diane Bowers, Travis Lea, David Egan, Ralph Nader,
    Dave Cayman, and Dale Bohling, just to name a few.
    If these evil people ever played Red Rover I know in my heart NO ONE EVER SENT ANY ONE RIGHT OVER. And that is why they are so mentally deranged. And because they are Butt Heads. Thanks for keeping us informed Dale.

  4. Maggie is obviously a loving and caring person. I was touched by her concern for my well being. She obviously has much compassion for mankind. It’s too bad all of mankind does not share her compassion for mankind. Many people gold the belief that God has bestowed stewardship of our beloved p0lanet upon man. I subscribe to that belief myself which is why I submitted this sad article so that readers could become aware of what crimes are being perpetrated upon our
    beloved planet, albeit at least 2 decades late.

  5. I have been enjoying the articles posted on this site since finding it recently but posting this kind of stuff may affect this sites credibility. This is very sad to view and I hope the people close to this gentleman can get him some help. Heartbreaking almost.

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