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By Linda Sutter – March 15, 2021 – Picture credit to US Drug Enforcement Administration

During the first week of January approximately 5 deaths occurred in our county. All were of approximate 20-30 age range. All deaths are pending investigation. But the public has not been informed. Why?

One name was dropped as the seller of Fentanyl. Yet he is still roaming the streets selling to people. Once the toxicology test returns from the DOJ or wherever they send them, will the public be alerted to this drug? Will the seller of this drug be charged with murder?

Fentanyl sells for $20.00 a pop. Fentanyl is distributed from China and comes through Mexico. Fentanyl has earned the grim term of “one and done,” because your first dose is usually your fatal dose. Narcan is the only drug that can prevent death.

2 milligrams of fentanyl in white

The question is, how many homeless people are using it. Have any deaths been reported? Or will their bodies be discovered by accident?

  1. Stealing from dead people?? WTF?? Seriously? I agree that ANY professional should receive continuous training. Many professionals already have continuing education credits needed annually for license upkeep. Perhaps our officers would consider the same.

    1. What is is good question Leslie. Believe it or not people actually seek me out for help. I am learning more about our sheriff department and lack of training they have then I care to, but it needs to be investigated, and exploited for the good of the community. Currently, there are no homicide detectives working with sheriff department. The training the officers receive is basic 101….if I was an officer working at sheriff’s department, I would take every class I could get my hands on….just one and done classes is a joke. In order to be efficient at what you do, annual classes and more need to be done to be the best you can be. Stealing from dead people is not one of them.

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