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By Donna Westfall – July 11, 2017

Half-Way Houses – it can be a good place to help those transitioning off drugs and alcohol. Did you know that on today’s Board of Supervisors agenda was item #11; to pay $40,000 a year to house up to 11 females at 230 E. Lauff, Crescent City?

On the surface, sounds good, doesn’t it?

Are there problems?

Maybe only in the following ways:

  1. Lori Cowan recused herself without giving a reason. Let’s call that problem #1
  2. Lori Cowan was the selling agent.  It was listed at $120,000 and sold for $80,000 in February, 2017.     Public Servants Who Are Realtors, Brokers, or Appraisers: Any source of income aggregating $500 or more provided to, received by, or promised to a public servant within 12 months before the time a governmental decision is being made is considered an economic interest. Government Code section 87103(c). For public servants who are paid on commission or through other incentive compensation, such as realtors, brokers, appraisers, or salespersons, special rules apply in determining whether a disqualifying source of income exists. See Regulation 18700.1  Let’s call that problem #2
  3. Wondering if any promises or suggestions were made to the purchasers of the property, Richard & Donna Hopkins, that she might have an “IN” in converting it to a half-way house?  In other words, did Lori Cowan use her political station as a closing argument to the sale?  Since this is conjecture at the moment, let’s not call this problem #3 yet. Need further research.
  4. Has Lori Cowan sold any other properties that were then used for half-way houses? Need to research this.
  5. Do the surrounding neighbors and property owners have any right to know that a half-way house will be opened in their neighborhood. Need to research this.

The motion was defeated in a 2-1 vote with Supervisor Gitlin voting NO.

6 thoughts on “Is Supervisor 2nd District, Lori Cowan hiding something?”
  1. No drug houses in Del Norte, send the broken to bigger towns, who wants a shelter in their neighborhood, not for dogs and not for hobos, not in my neighborhood.

  2. Donna, I said I would not post on CCT again since another person used my heretofore pen name of “Concerned Citizen”. I will try again as Original Concerned Citizen. Whomever used my last pen name while posting snide and rude comments leading this editor to believe it may have been me should find a pen name of their own.

    For now, I will take your word about Government Code section 87103(c). If accurate, that’s a good point, but the larger issue is that 230 E Lauff is just around the corner from a liquor store which will present too much temptation for those trying to stay clean and sober, not to mention that it’s also a high crime area where drugs are known to be frequently consumed and sold. That area needs less chaos, not more.

    Trying to stay clean and sober in a half-way house at 230 Lauff would be tantamount to facing a fast ball pitched by Pedro Martinez with the batter having a sprained wrist and only being allowed one strike.

    I applaud Gitlin for voting against it. I just hope he voted NO because he wants to limit crime in his district, and in an area where many long time homeowners who worked hard to buy their homes and pay their taxes are already working overtime to combat crime and blight. It’s already an uphill battle anywhere near 9th and J Street.

    Who voted yes? Publicize their names please.

    Neighbors unite. Is it too late for a public hearing? Feels like gentrification in reverse.

    1. I’m going to suggest you use your real name like I do. If anyone else decides to post under my real name, i would have legal recourse as well as being able to seek a criminal complaint for impersonation.

      Not only that when a person uses their real name, that often can lend credence to the substance of their comment.

      Unless “Concerned Citizen” is your commonly known nickname or legal name, i don’t see a problem with people using that term, unless of course.

      There’s my two cents. You can leave them on the ground if you’d like but anyone is free to take them, heads or tails.

    2. WTF watched the BOS meeting last night, there is no shortage of stunning events in this County. Assuming Supervisor Berkowitz does the right thing, and Cowan recuses herself (looks like she’ll challenge Hemmingsen for the recusal champ), this should go down on a 2-2 vote.
      Perhaps Cowan, Howard, and Hemmingsen could place a halfway house next door to them. That would be the best application.

  3. Donna, WTF thinks you’re on to something with this one.

    I would presume that homes on Lauff are zoned “R1” residential. Any change should require rezoning by the Planning Commission and thus, a public hearing. I sure as hell would not want a drug house (that’s what it is) next to my house, or a homeless shelter, pot shop, liquor store, etc. Bet you guys wouldn’t want it, either.

    WTF will watch the meeting on You Tube to see who voted yes. You should publicize that as well.

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