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By Linda Sutter – January 6, 2023

In July 2022, During a Crescent City Harbor District meeting, HarborMaster Tim Petrick made an announcement that samples of sediment would be submitted to the McCampbell Analytic Ink Company for testing needed to get approval for dredging. 

Recently the results of those test returned with the following results;

Napthalene levels are 81.6

Acenapthylene levels are 3.07

Fluoranthene levels are 110

Cadmium levels are .0658

Copper levels are at 66.6

Lead levels are 9.72. Keep in mind that the EPA determined that the concern level of lead in water is 0.015 mg/L.

During the January 3, 2023 Harbor District meeting the HarborMaster Tim Petrick informed the public members that there had also been a diesel spill in the Harbor and that the Harbors maintenance crew cleaned it up, and that the proper authorities were notified.

The Coastal Commission Scientist Alexis Barrera and the Environmental Protection Agency have been notified as well as the City of Crescent City. 

With the High Seas that we have experienced these past few days it will be interesting to learn whether or not this will affect a vast area.

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