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Supervisor 1st District, Roger Gitlin – May 1, 2020

We all know the Chamber of Commerce has cancelled the 4th July Parade. Tragic !

What you may not know is a group of community members were invited to a ZOOM meeting with Executive Director Cindy Vosberg, Chamber president Melodee Mitcheii and several other members of the Board who said and spoke nothing. Joining me was Tab Associates Tony Barnes, Radio Host and writer Sam Strait, asking several questions, and asking the Board to reconsider its decision.

1.) Would the Board consider a re-vote as we have ZERO active COVID cases, ZERO deaths and three recoveries ( non hospitalized) who are back in the community?


2) Since Curry County and Brookings have initiated Phase 1 of opening up its economy, does this change your mind?


3) Would you go back to your Board and write a letter to Gov. Newsom to request an exemption?


4) Would you poll your membership to learn their thoughts on the decision to cancel the 4th of July Parade?


The discussion was a complete waste of all parties time since I am certain the meeting was a lip service.

Mr. Barnes justifiably become concerned that the Chamber Board was not listening to him, and he left the ZOOM meeting.

Shortly thereafter  Executive Director Vosburg terminated the Meeting,

Not one individual from the Board, other than Medlodee Mitchell,  spoke at all. Why were they there?

I have been a Chamber member but I must ask myself how is the Chamber helping its members who are dying om the vine, as you read this post. What does the Visitors Bureau do? We have no visitors.

The 15-0 vote sheeple mentality.

The Chamber Board lacks objectivity and tolerance on diverse opinion. Very unhealthy.

It is my hope many of you who read this will  express your sentiments to the Chamber.  Follow this group here on what the community thinks about this decision.

4 thoughts on “Is the Currrent Executive Director and Board of the Chamber of Commerce speaking for their membership?”
  1. Another week has gone by ! Another week of no haircuts nail saloons and now we hear no 4th of July! Crescent City and Del Norte County has no deaths or hospitalized people so we are now seeing our Restaurants are closing and people are waiting to see what will happen Next The Downtown looks like a ghost town The Beaches are Empty .., why isn’t the Dog Park open? Come on people it’s time to ask our City and County leaders to get busy and write letters to Newsom just like 6 other Rural Counties did ! What are we waiting for … DOOMSDAY??

  2. Key point Made Tony, these people in these positions don’t listen to their constituents, and have their own idea of how to run this town…Run it right into the ground.

    One lady I recently spoke to grew up here and went to high school at Del Norte. She said, “that’s why I moved, nothing has changed and nothing will.”

    Nobody elected does anything good for this community. they come into the meetings with their shiny faces only to basically tell the community to go pound sand. it’s their way or the highway. Well, look around folks. what you see today has always been here 30 years ago.

    the only way to make a change is to vote these people out and get educated people in.

    There is no excuse at this point and time to shut down any holiday coming up…my guess is the money was spent for the consultant for the Japan Sister City…the cov19 gave them a reason not to have this years celebration. somebody needs to be replaced.

  3. Still have a home in CC, but live outside of California at this point. It is tough reading what the city & county government do/don’t do there. Wish for the best, but prepare for the worst. Things are sunnier outside California, I can promise you that.

  4. I listened to the Chamber rhetoric also and really couldn’t believe what was said and also unsaid ! To me it was basically a group of people who really didn’t care about the opinions that the Zoom audience was trying get across to the Chamber! It was evident that the Chamber group had already made up their minds and was only there out of Obligation to a member of the Board of Supervisors … Roger Gitlin ! I really feel sorry for the members of this Community who have a group of People who really don’t care about what happens to this Community!

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