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Opinion Piece By Linda Sutter – September 9, 2021

All you have to do is drive to the nearest city and see boarded up businesses and Malls that are emptied out to determine what kind of economic health our country is in.

Drove by a big box strip mall in Sacramento and I was astonished that so many businesses are closed. In Medford Oregon the mall had 20 plus empty windows where businesses thrived. How can Joe Biden actually believe this country is in fine shape? Honestly, how does he believe it?

In the meantime Sacramento is the worse I have ever seen it in 30 years. Everything is filthy, trashed, and any sense of pride and community completely vanished as though it never existed. Yep, it is safe to say we are past depression we will never return to a society that was generally happy, could pay their bills, had a little left over to take the family out.

Now both parents have to work just to pay rent and get food. There is literally nothing to look forward to. Is this the society we want? The only way to make a change is to vote out every stinking Democrat.

6 thoughts on “IS THE YEAR 2008 REPEATING ITSELF?”
  1. Sacramento has gone to hell! Last Saturday a woman was Murdered in LAND PARK where my husband and I own Property. There are encampments underneath the Highway 80 Freeway where the Homeless are living! Many restaurants and stores has closed down! The homeless are running into stores and picking up what they want and running out the doors. As you can see it certainly is not SAFE to own Property there!

  2. We lived in Sacramento for years and slowly watched the area deteriorate. Midtown is the little oasis, surrounded by blight and vacant buildings as Linda describes. Crescent City on steroids. I predict many of the Afghan refugees will settle there.

    1. If I were going back to that area my first choice would be Campus Commons. Midtown is nice for all the amenities, but it is more expensive to buy in Midtown than in Campus Commons. Also more crowded.

  3. What part of Sacramento did you visit? I have always liked the Midtown area (17th to 28th, I to R streets) to be particularly vibrant with a nice mix of cafes, pubs, galleries and small retail shops. It has been a while since I was there, so I hope you are not describing the Midtown area.

    1. I was at a protest in Midtown. Midtown is getting uglier by the day. All the quaint places are slowly disappearing. no one wants to share a cup of coffee while watching a homeless person crapping in the streets. The Democrat rule has ruined the entire state. When I go to Sacramento I go to quite a few places. It is just too sad anymore.

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