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Opinion Piece by Samuel Strait – October 27, 2016 –

It was with great amusement, that I read in the Thursday Triplicate, “Sheriff speaks up on Prop 64” (Triplicate, October 27th), yet another of our partisan editor’s break with his hard and fast rules of NEVER publishing anything by anyone who writes articles or contributes to the Crescent City Times because after all, “that on line newspaper is our competitor and you can’t have it both ways”.

Nearly a year ago, shortly after Robin Fornoff came on board at the Triplicate as its editor, we, he and I, began an almost continual wrangling over his repetitive and consistent lapses in a constant policy for publication of material in the Triplicate.  I suppose it will be rather predictable that he will claim Sheriff Apperson’s contribution “Guns & Hoses Softball Tournament” (, [CCT] published October 24th),  to the Times is but a reprise of Apperson’s Facebook post, and after all he is a public servant.  Yes, he used both of those excuses on me once before to refuse publication of one of my “Letters to the Censor”.  Since, he and his staff  have a great deal of disdain for the CCT, considering it and the people who participate in a very American form of public discourse, the FREE PRESS, it will not be surprising that the Triplicate simply is silent in their hypocrisy.

Of course the Triplicate has been largely silent in their clearly partisan hypocrisy on any number of occasions where the public has the right to know about important happenings in Del Norte County which never grace the pages of the Triplicate.  Take a test drive through the back stories to be found in the CCT archives and you will see what I mean.  You also may notice that travesty three times a week often produces stories that are no longer “News”.  But hey, what’s a floundering print newspaper suppose to do?

Maybe get off of Fornoff’s high horse and return to being an actual newspaper instead of a partisan rag.

It is my fondest hope that the Triplicate does not fold from what is a complete and utter travesty occurring three times a week under the Stalinist policies of the paper’s editorial staff, but have hope ardent readers, because the circulation staff, those that deliver your Triplicate are on top of things.  It might be from the dwindling subscriptions at the Triplicate that they have time in the Circulation Department to replace newspapers and receive kudos from subscribers who have had their delivered newspapers ravaged by raccoons.  The “raccoons” are no doubt as disturbed by the rag that the Triplicate has become.


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