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By Guest Columnist Michael Ceremello – May 31, 2017 –

Reflecting back on another week of fake news, opinion pieces masked as news, and outright lies to achieve an agenda, peripheral trivia has drawn my attention to the issue of freedom of speech as well as the press.  What amazes me is the lack of thought which goes into the statements emanating from those on the right who supposedly champion free speech unless it goes too far in their opinion.

I point to the case of marginal comedienne Kathy Griffin, who made the news for doing a photo shoot holding the severed head poster or look alike intended to look like Donald Trump.  Griffin herself allegedly apologized for “going too far” as well as “it not being funny”.  Knowing the Left and their actions, the smell test of her statement points to crocodile tears feigning what a sane person would say when stepping over moral or logical lines.

I have heard the arguments that “this isn’t freedom of speech … this is inciting violence against the President of the United States”.  I say either speech is free or it isn’t.  Anyone can wish for my death but until they hire a hit man or attempt to achieve it themselves, it is just talk.  Rather than putting the responsibility on the whack job who makes the stupid or ignorant statement, how about we put the personal accountability on the person to whom it belongs: the perpetrator.

This is one reason I believe in libertarianism.  Libertarianism is all about freedom, personal accountability and personal responsibility.  If all of us truly believed in freedom, we would do what calm, rational and sane people do when confronted with lunacy.  We would ignore it or turn it off.  The simplest solutions are the best.

I was very happy to see that part of my previous national level advice has been taken by those at the top of the heap in conservative talk radio.  When the Left couldn’t find any personal dirt on Sean Hannity, they took to attacking his advertisers attempting to get them to boycott Hannity.  I am well acquainted with that tactic as I have seen the local petty politicians attempt this over the years with this newspaper and, to an extent, it is still ongoing with the current council continuing a sole source, illegal, contract for legal advertising.

Hannity personally related how conservatives finally took some action and fought back by telling those same advertisers that if they pulled their support from the program, they would lose their customers on the Right.  Sadly, evidently this proves that companies don’t have morals, scruples, or ideals.  They are only interested in a buck.

Griffin should be able to “act the fool” without fear of imprisonment.  We are all very capable of turning her off or not attending any show she is putting on.  Those of her fans who are of the same demented ilk should be able to enjoy her less than tasteful humor.  It is freedom of choice.

The same goes for Hannity or any of the others who the Left has weeded out such as Bill O’Reilly.  You don’t like them or what they have to say then find another show to listen to or do something else.  Find a hobby or listen to a ball game.  Go to an art museum.  You have lots of choices.

Once again I will point out that this is what thinking people do.  They don’t wait for some supposed elite intellectual to tell them what to think.  Which brings me to the latest garbage attempting to pass for bombshell breaking news.

Just as with Mike Flynn being part of an incoming administration attempting to set up lines of communications with this world’s other biggest force, now Jared Kushner, Trump’s son in law, is under fire for trying to set up secretive lines of communications with the Russians.  Wait a second.

No one in their right mind would believe for a second that the President of the United States is going to broadcast his office’s communications with any other foreign power in a public manner.  This alone explains a lot about the major media’s demonstrated mental disorder.

In addition, given the fact of continued leaks from the Obama left over entrenched bureaucrats, it makes perfect sense to take a highly defensive posture when it comes to international relationships.  Besides the inherent hypocrisy of the Leftist media in never finding anything that the previous president did as wrong, it again points to an agenda.

It occurred to me while I listened to those complaining about the situation that the problem is conservatives don’t understand liberals all that well.  They wonder why they hate this great country or why they hate Trump.  I am not a psychologist but I know self hatred when I see it.  Couple this with the educational indoctrination they received, “feeling good about yourself is more important than achievement” and the shocking reality of their loss of control and power, you end up with the pouting two year old syndrome whose obvious manifestation is anger and violence.  These are not mature people.

My next suggestion for those in power is to start acting like you are in power.  The current state of affairs is much like it was when Reagan beat the Republican establishment.  You need to ignore the protests and do what you know is right.  It looks like the ridiculed “Star Wars” defense is now going to prove its worth before the US has to obliterate North Korea.

Anyone with any literacy in economics knows lower taxes will stimulate the economy.  Removing burdensome regulations designed to kill the greatest free market economy ever seen is only seen as a problem by the environmental terrorist Left.  Understanding that Islamic jihad is a reality rather than giving $170 billion in cash to the country that calls us “the Great Satan” is sanity.

Insanity is the inability to think.  Thinking is not to be confused with dreaming while ignoring facts or nature’s reality.  You can think the world is flat but is that really thinking or just believing what you want to believe?

Think about it …

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