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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – September 14, 2021

Lots of discussion about the efficacy of masking.

Is masking effective in preventing you from contracting OR you spreading the virulent Covid 19 virus ? Generally, YES, about 70% effective according to the CDC. Double cloth masks are slightly more effective than the free paper masks which ALL stores require prior to entrance to public events in California and are mandated to enforce.

Shields are unhelpful since those nasty little droplets I’ve referred to can slip through and around the gaps between and below the shield or the worn paper mask which does not fully cover the openings around nasal or oral portions around your face.

IF the mask is worn properly, it can protect you from spreading the virus OR contracting via inhaling those tiny virus droplets with its .0150% (1.5%) lethality rate.

Stated another way, this Virus has 98.5% survival rate, without any masks.

Nonetheless, the State and its subordinate governances including the City of Crescent City are mandating ALL employees be tested weekly or prove they have already been vaccinated. A City employee who refuses to be Covid-tested MAY be TERMINATED (fired not executed). And all this extra attention is FREE (not true). We the public pay for the free stuff testing.

Alas, I have the 100% effective masking answer which should make everyone very happy.

This 100% effective mask will protect everyone, guaranteed. This mask will satisfy all the Councilors including Councilman Ray Altman who claims he loves us all and doesn’t want to see anyone becoming sick and die from this dreaded virus and its 015% lethality rate; this 100% effective mask solution should satisfy our newly appointed Health Officer, Dr. Aaron Stutz because the contagion rate among Del Norters will drop to zero percent…And this mask should quiet down our current, concerned and not so conservative State Senator, Democrat Mike McGuire, who blames Covid-free conservative rural Republicans like me for spreading the virus to a near hysterical level in Del Norte County.

It’s the MILITARY GAS MASK you see in this picture. And, with a little help from our esteemed president Biden, his crafty Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and the most brilliant American military General since George Patton. Gen. Mark Milley. Let’s ask the Taliban to return all those military gas masks we left in KABUL, two weeks ago.

It should not be an unreasonable request and impact the $80 billion in military hardware we left behind.

When those masks are graciously returned, which I am certain they will be returned , please post pre-paid and send the masks to Crescent City Manager Eric Wier and Mandate every Crescent City resident, including City workers to wear this absolutely, full proof vital tool and stop COLD, this Black Plague of Covid 19 virus.


* The above post is a parody…

an exaggeration

a ridicule

a lampoon

a satire

a caricature

a pastiche

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