Mon. Jun 24th, 2024


A very cold airmass originating from western Canada has moved into California. Low temperatures below freezing are expected through Friday morning. Snow to the Northern Central Valley floor level is possible on Friday.

As winter has arrived; you are again encouraged to review the “California Contingency Plan for Extreme Cold / Freeze Emergencies”, available on the Cal OES website at the following link:


2 thoughts on “IT’S COLD”
  1. I thought a $20 increase in the electric bill last month was steep, this month it jumped $104 over what it normally ran. With rate hikes coming from every corner. It really didn’t take a crystal ball to this coming. I saw it, as did many of the citizens in this community when they signed protests to the water rate increase. WHY DID OUR CITY COUNCIL VOTE TO DO THIS TO US???? Are they so short sighted, blinded by their offices, that they can’t see a mere two months down the road? I keep saying it: we need better minds in our public offices.

  2. This is proving to be a very bad time to not have adequate heat! The house temp was 38 this morning, can see my breath in the air and I have on so many layers of clothing I can barely move my arms and walk like a penguin. Electric bill just jumped $20, can’t wait to see the next bill come in even higher. And with the water rate increase taking affect, there will be a budget war and heat will be the losing team. Thanks city council!!!! The gift that keeps on taking and taking and taking and….

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