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By Orrin Heatlie – California Patriot Coalition – September 22, 2021

The day after the special election, corrupt legislators announced they will seek to undermine the recall process, making the procedure more difficult, limiting the people’s ability to recall a state or local official. 

The ability of the people to recall a government official assures those we elect remain representative and accountable to the people they serve. When a super majority exists, the people themselves are the only thing left to maintain balance in the system. 

A government of, by and for the people is the very foundation this nation was built upon. The idea of self-governance is now the greatest threat there is to the single party super majority power structure in California, and they want to take that away from us.

The Recall movement of Governor Gavin Newsom was a monumental and historic undertaking.  The People of California took a stand against the political overlords to say enough is enough and those in power pulled all the stops to remain in control.

They told us we would never gather the signatures required to qualify for the ballot, and we did. Not only did we qualify it, we gathered more signatures than any other petition drive in United States history. Then they challenged us in court, and we won. They played dirty and we ran a clean game. They had unlimited resources and an unfair advantage, and we still gave them a run for their money.

We started this movement to fight our state’s corrupt political class. And they fought back with everything they had.  The sheer number of resources put toward the governor’s campaign was unprecedented.  It was much more than just trying to salvage the governor’s career, it was about the political ruling class staying in power and protecting their single party super majority.

Think about it. Gavin Newsom was given financial support by disgraced philanthropist George Soros, union mob bosses, Big Tech tycoons, wealthy land barons and the Democrat party itself. Millions upon millions of dollars were poured into his campaign while President Biden, former President Obama and Vice President Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, AOC, Amy Klobuchar and others who are out of state and out of touch spoke on his behalf.  They weren’t fighting for the people of California. They were fighting to stop them, to silence them and to prevent this groundswell, grass roots movement with everything they had. 

The entire premise of Newsom’s campaign was not in support of his achievements, but against an imaginary villain, the “evil” Republicans and Trump supporters. But, it was really against the people of the state, you and me, the underdogs with limited resources and a shoestring budget.

“In the darkest of times, we found a way against all odds to light a new spark of liberty.” Said Kevin Kiley.

As we move forward, we focus ahead on the 2022 election cycle to steer this state in the right direction.  We will help drive the efforts to bring several important matters to ballot, such as the improvement of safe water supply and storage infrastructure, to meet the needs of a growing population and a school choice initiative, to reduce class size, improve the educational experience of our students and help increase the performance of our failing public school system.

In the coming months we will support candidates running for office, such as Eric Early for California State Attorney General and Mark Meuser for US Senate, who will work with the people to help Rebuild California and make our state a place worth calling home again.

The team is changing names and gearing up for the 2022 election cycle and beyond.  We are not wasting any time. Beginning immediately, we will officially be known as the Rebuild California team, the voice of the people, building a future in California we can all live with.

In the next 2 weeks we will send out another email with links to our signup page and information on how you can support this next phase.

Orrin Heatlie – Chairman,
1(916)761-2312 Mike Netter – Co Chair
Robin McCrea – Vice Chair
Dan Seoane – Technical Director
Susan Hurd – State Administrator
One thought on “It’s Not Over: Recall Gavin Newsom retooled”
  1. Thankyou Webmaster for the Great Article about Newsom…. I still don’t think they have Counted all the Ballots. The race was a lot closer and they needed to finish the Count much faster … I still think Elder might have won … maybe that’s just wishful thinking!

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